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In Kenya it is estimated that only a third of the population has access to safe  drinking water close to their homes at an affordable price. Therefore, every morning  school going children have to wake up early to walk long distances so as to secure water for their families from stream/river or wells before going to school causing absenteeism resulting to school drop-outs.   Between 2012-2013 International Transformation Foundation (Kenya) and Join the pipe Foundation (Netherlands) worked together on a country wide (Kenya) research project.  The project is about a sustainable clean drinking water system. One of the main insights gained is that all villages / communities have wishes to improve their water system. For some communities this is because they do not have a working water system in their community at all. Other communities  especially in per-urban have a certain amount of taps within, but would like to increase this amount. The Problem  with current water projects in Kenya’s communities can be divided in:

  1.  the water system with the technical components to get groundwater  and
  2. the paying system that describes what to pay for, how to maintain the system and how the business is set up; the social system.

With belief that education fashioned to provide a financially sustainable education while directly solving community’s challenge is the key to tackling youth unemployment and contributes to rapid development of a community.  A WATER KIOSK AT SCHOOL was created as a school based and students managed business selling clean tap water to community residents at affordable price. A water kiosk at school is a sustainable  business model,  valued  by the users  to purchase and maintain it themselves. It consist of pre-financing a community school to set up onsite water kiosk with specially designed products in the form of sustainable tap station. Managed by school students, within 24 months, the school earns more than enough money from clean tap water selling to community residents at affordable price, and repays the set up cost which is then redeployed to additional school/community.  A water kiosk at school is both educational and profitable business teaching students business and entrepreneurial skills, and generates much-needed income for school. It provide practical education bridging the gap between school and work enabling  students to leave school ready to get a job or set up their own business.  And contribute to a developed community with a school which is able to support itself without relying on subsidies and yet afford the best facilities and teachers.

The multiple benefits  associated wth a join the pipe water kiosk at school for students, school and community residents  include:


  • The first microcredit project for schools with a sustainable business model, creating money for WASH activities in school,
  • A repaid loan system that is redeployed to additional schools in need, thus reducing the need for subsidies and dependency,
  • A pre-paid credit card system ensures that school Members pay a lower price per 20 liter container of water.
  • All sanitation facilities are improved around the school, the money from the water kiosk is used to purchase soap and toilet paper for the school children,
  • Jerry Carry Karts reduce the physical injury from constant lifting and carrying heavy loads of water on the heads of the children,
  • Increased safety as children do not have to go to remote and dangerous places to fetch water.


  • We increase school attendance as children no longer need to absent themselves from school to secure water for their families,
  • A place for work experience to learn about teamwork; commitment, leadership and responsibility .


  • Children are able to transport more water to their own houses strait from school,
  • A school kiosk save time and waiting in lines at other  water points.


A water kiosk at school was designed and is operated in collaboration with the Join the Pipe Foundation -a non-profit organization established in Amsterdam, Netherlands that produce and provide developed products in the form of several sustainable tap station models, water bottles and carafes and services to all people around the globe to access clean tap water whenever possible. 

Consequently a water kiosk at school model is characterized by  especially designed products in form of:

  • WATER SAVING TAP STATION - Our water stations not only provide clean drinking water but also save water. No water is wasted with our auto-stop tap! They are also Vandal resistant. 
  • DRIP TAPS for HAND WASHING FACILITIES -We build hand washing sinks to prevent waterborne illnesses to spread. Drip taps technology reduces 90% of water usage!
  • WATER BOTTLES -  We provide refillable water bottles for the children to drink from. Our refillable bottles are created specifically to symbolize different sections of a water pipe. They are made of BPA-free plastic and are distinguished with a Dutch Design Award.
  • JERRY CARRY KARTS - These Jerry Carry Karts reduce the physical injury from constant lifting and carrying heavy loads of water on heads of the children.

Added value of products characterizing a water kiosk at school includes:

  1. The first non-breakable community tap station models,
  2. Developed products in the form of several sustainable tap station models and water bottles, 
  3. By providing the community with filtered drinking water, we help to reduce the enormous amount of plastic waste and CO2 emissions caused by the production and transport of unsustainable water bottles and containers,
  4. Elimination of plastic bags for cleaner communities,
  5. Brand new Campaign as a strong ambassador for clean drinking tap water and access to drinkable water and sanitation.

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