A high-profit electronic marketing project

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mohammad alzailaa



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A high-profit electronic marketing project
I am Mohamed, and I am a professional video editor and designer.

I am a undergraduate business and economics student majoring in business administration
I have a very unique project idea.
I work as a freelancer now, and through my work, specifically to Britain. I have encouraged the value and payment difference to do the design and modification of videos and graphics design for marketing companies and Instagram pages.

In my country, Syria, salaries are very low, so that $ 75 is the full-time monthly salary of a designer. I can gather professionals in design, video-making, and engineers with all specializations to work for this low salary, which is only $ 75.

This is the reason for making profits because abroad the cost of designers is high, and in my country, the cost of designers is low

Why do I need a partner?
I need a partner who can bring us business from Instagram pages or open a marketing company in any country in the world that prefers Europe and America, and through which he brings work from design to
He may have knowledge or market through social media, paid or normal, and send me the required work (design, video, or engineering work).

Why do I think we will succeed
1- Because the demand for graphic design work is very large and it is increasing year after year
2- Because we will pay very low salaries for the work that we will do, so the profit rate is very high
3- Because of our low costs, we can lower the general price of graphics work, so we can bring in a large amount of work
4- In my country, Syria, I have professionals in all fields
  Graphic designers (logo design - flyers - advertising banners ...)
  * Video, graphic video and video editing makers
  * External architecture engineers
  * Interior design engineers
  Mechanical engineers
  * Electrical engineers
  * Arabic-English translators
  * Managing a social media account (note, I cannot do paid promotions because it is not available in my country)

The method of work
In the beginning, I can work for free with graphics and videos to promote legitimacy and even start working
Then all work is on the global PPH platform, which guarantees my rights and the rights of those I work with

We start to pay the salaries, which should be the least expensive
Then the costs from promotions, rents, and subscriptions
The remaining 60% is the partner's share and 40% is my share

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me
  Thank you

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