4th Call for good practices - European Network of Innovation for Inclusion

il y a 3 ans

European Network of Innovation for Inclusion

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At the European Network of Innovation for Inclusion, project led by Acción Contra el Hambre since 2016, we just launched our 4th Call for good practices open to any European Organization working towards the inclusion of vulnerable groups through innovative approaches.

Through this call, we annualy award good and best practices in the fields of inclusive employment and entrepreneurship.

Organizations are welcomed to apply with a programme, a tool, an event and any practice that is helping them support people overcome their challenges towards social and labour inclusion.

Winning entities receive a €2000 grant to cover the costs of a study visit with the finalist organizations, where it will make its work and practice visible and will also participate in work groups aimed at designing project ideas to submit to European calls for proposals. They will also participate in the European Forum of Innovation for Inclusion that will take place in Madrid where the awards ceremony takes place.

To apply, organizations must freely register in the European Network of Innovation for Inclusion:

The terms of reference and application form are available also in our website

Filled applications must me sent before the 6th of July to

Do not miss this great opportunity to share your practices and meet other organizations to work together in the ideation of innovative project proposals.

 Entrepreneuriat et PME
 Renforcement des compétences
 Innovation sociale
 Développement durable

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