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About 500,000 Youths leave school each year despite the Kenyan economy generating only about 150,000 jobs annually. Consequently Kenya’s population unemployment rate is 40% of which 64% are youths who constitute about 60 percent of Kenya's estimated population of 43 million. Nairobi, the nation’s capital population is about 3.5 million and about 60 percent live in slums of which about 75% is youth; forming the largest part of the available human resource. However, many of them who are productive and energetic remain unemployed and continue to suffer from Idleness’s social ills. Eastern Nairobi slums are deep rooted with unemployment and insecurity issues due to the growing sense of alienation felt by young men and women dropping out of schools to join gangs, violence and drug addiction as part of their everyday life  , for the  future seems dark, Poverty and unemployment being the norm.

With the advent of social media, we observed an alternative addiction of youth– their obsession with technology, a craze that connects them with others rather than alienates them. That’s how we came up with the 1 slum 100 Computers project to harness the hope and stickiness of this connection. The 1 slum 100 Computers project was inaugurated in Eastern Nairobi slums in November 2014, where within a session of 6 months we provide free computer training and entrepreneurship mentoring to 30 youths divided into 3 groups with 10 members, to be familiar enough with computer applications and design a profitable computer based business. Upon completion of the training and mentorship, loan them computers and other technological devices to help them set up designed computer based business.

With more job opportunities created by 1 slum 100 Computers project, ITF is refashioning Eastern Nairobi slums into a powerhouse of opportunities providing jobs; opportunities to grow as well as curbing insecurity given that When youths in slums becomes skilled professional business owners they don’t feel the need to engage in immoral activities, like selling/taking drugs, robbery… which often causes insecurity. That’s how the 1 slum 100 Computer project have established technology as the new way helping youth to help themselves in Eastern Nairobi slums instead of dropping out of school to join gangs, violence and drug addiction as part of their everyday life because the Poverty.

 HOW it Works:

Within a session of 6 months, 30 youths from Eastern Nairobi slums and informal settlements divided into 3 groups with 10 members receives free   training in basic computer applications to be familiar enough with computers so as to design and run a computer based business.

 Covered topics are:

  •   Computer basic
  •   Microsoft Word , Excel, Power Point , Publisher and Access and
  •   Internet.

Simultaneously, they receive an entrepreneurship mentorship - Each group is paired with a mentor (An experienced business person with diverse general business experience). The mentor help the group members to complete 9 modules course intended to help them create a profitable computer based business plan for the group and document this plan with a business plan summary and an elevator pitch.

 The 9 modules courses are:

  •  Business Canvass
  •   Mission, opportunity and strategy         
  •   Target Market statement                                 
  •   Operations and value chain                              
  •   Organization/Human Resource     
  •   Business Model                                                    
  •   Metrics                                                                   
  •   Operating Plan                                                     
  •    Financing.                                         

At completion of training & mentorship, each group receives a loan package of basic equipments worth not exceeding Ksh. 250000 to set up designed computer based business plan. The program requires loan repayment with interests of 12-15% if paid within 12 and 24 months respectively.

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