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Zwiększenie szans na zatrudnienie poprzez europejski wymiar nauczania w SOIZ
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project called "Enhancing the chances of employment through European educating standards in SOIZ"is targeted at the third grade students attending Technical Secondary School of Tourism and Technical Secondary School of Logistics in the School of Organisation and Management in Cieszyn. Whithin the project three sixteen - student groups along with two teachers will go abroad to take part in the work experience. Students from the logistics school will go to London where they will work in the companies whereas students from tourism school will spend two weeks working in hotels and travel agencies both in London and Rimini. Most of the students commute to school from nearby villages. Only 30% of them live in Cieszyn. They come from families with low incomes and therefore low living standards. 24% of the students come from famielies where one parent does not have a job. Students coming to SOIZ usually received average grades in Junior High School. Low motivation to learn, low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, low level of English language competence, lack of possibilities of gaining experience in working in multicultural teams, weak mobility are their main weaknesses. Students from tourism school study only the theory but they have no opportunities of experiencing other countries, their cultures and real language.Through the European educating standards in SOIZ we want to enable students to get to know European job market. Taking part in the project is supposed to create the chances of gaining work experience, additional job qualifications and experiencing new cultures and learning languages. Another significant aspect is development of personal competence such as increasing students' self-esteem, ability to cope with sterss, international team cooperation, increasing their motivation to learn and become more open to their mobilities. Getting job qualifications, language and personal competences approved by Europass Mobility Certificates are aimed to increase thei chances of being employed and entering the job market in Poland and Europe.The project gives the opportunity for development of students' job skills as well as personal development of teachers involved in the project. It will enable the students to get to know European job market, develop English language skills and increase their mobility. It is also a big opportunity for the school to teach in European standards.The students taking part in the project will be chosen by a selection committee. After that, they will attend a special profession, language and culture-oriented programme, which will prepare them to take advantage of the training so that their working skills could improve significantly. The programmes of the work experience for both professions were made together by vocational subject teachers and institutions employing students to enable them to gain all the skills which they would not get if they had the training on the domestic and local markets The work experience will last two weeks and will be organised in cooperation with ADC College in London and Instituto Turismo In Rimini.After completing the training the students will get certificates issued by partner insitutions, school and Europass Mobility Certificate as well. The training will be evaluated by vocational subject teachers, which will have some influence on their final grades in the vocational subjects. The grade will also be typed on their school report. The realization of the project will be monitored all the time by the project coordinator, but the realization of the training will be monitored by the tutors ( vocational subject teachers supported by language teachers) and people from the partner institutions. An agreement concerning the realization of the training programme as well as implementing the ECVET system will be signed to make the training compatible with the project assumptions. The working skills gained - in fact the students' learning effects- will be evaluated strictly according to specified requirements in England and Italy where they will have the training.Expected results:1. Students will have international job skills connected with tourism ald logistics along with relevant work experience and Europass Certificate, which will make them more attractive on the job market2. Students will have better language skills related to professional language (proper vocabulary, speaking skills) and they will be more self -confident while speaking foreign language.3. students will enhance their personal.and social competence and their mobility will be increased4. Students will gett better chance to find a job on both domestic and foreign job markets5. the school will be more attractive and efficient due to European educating standardsThe project coordinator will be responsible for substantive and financial monitoring. She will also control the level of achieving effects assumed in the project.



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