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Zwiększanie konkurencyjności polskiej branży hotelarsko-gastronomicznej na europejskim rynku pracy
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project will consist of organizing internships for 28 students of ZSCEZiU - Technikum in Rawa Mazowiecka and Zespół Szkół Zawodowych nr 2 in Niepołomice that study to be hotel technician or nutrition and food services technician. The main idea of the project is to give the participants a chance to enhance their work skills by participating in international internships at Greek companies. The project will engage 28 of students. Mobilities will take place in the following dates: 11) 15-29.09.2015 - Grecja - nutrition and food services technician; 2) 4-18.05.2016 - Grecja - hotel technician. TThe main goal is to give young people a chance to confront their theoretical knowledge with practical tasks and to gain experience at international work environment. There are also specific goals set by the project: - new work competences certified with Europass and national certificates; - improvement of language skills; - improvement of young's people chances on the labour market by learning new practical skills during internships abroad. The project itself will consist of the following activities: 1) signing contracts with NA; 2) organizing informational meetings wit students and their parents; 3) recruitment of participants, choosing mentors and patrons; 4) securing the project logistics and most important arrangements regarding food, acommodation during the stay abroad, workplace, program - with the help of hosting organization. 5) preparation of participants for the project; 6) securing transportation to the venue of internships, buying insurance; 7) organizing the MOBILITY itself; 8) ongoing monitoring and evaluation; 9) certification of the internship program and students achievements; 10) summarizing project activities; 11) sharing the project results; 12) creating the final report - essential and financial. Expected results for paticipants: - work related knowlegde and experience gained as the result of their participation in the program; - knowlegde about labour market abroad and the rules of it's functioning and expectation towards employees; - improving the ability to work in international environment; - enhancing their adaptability skills to changing conditions (new country, new workplace, culture); - adapting to the requrements of labour market and needs of employers; - independence gained by living far away from thei family and relatives; - ability to self-evaluate the learning experience; - ability to communicate in foreign language in everyday situations; - increased decision making skills and predictiong the results of their actions; - entrepreneurship skills; - practical use of thoretical knowledge. Influence on schools: - increasment of quality of their educational offer for the specialisations included in the project; - development of international cooperation with organizations, institutions and employers working in professional education field; - increasing their prestige by providing wider educational offer for new students and expecting more application from students for incoming years; - improvement of quality of actions supporting young people entering the labour market. Influence on sending/coordinating organization - promoting the company on local market; - broadening the international cooperation; - a chance to hire young and qualified staff; - supporting local development; - development of employers participating in project implementation. The above mentioned effects will result in long term on improvement of young people work skills and employability on a job market, hepling youngsters to get their first jobs by getting significant work experience certified by internationally recognized documents, and increased youth mobility. We expect a change of young people's approach - becoming more active and realizing the worth of such a programs and necessity to participate in order to achieve a better start of their professional carieers. We expect that the internshipp programs will become appreciated by the employers and become important in their decision while selecting the candidates that will work for them.



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