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Zvyšování kompetencí u pracovníků s mládeží pro lepší start mladých do života
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Safe start in life" is focused on the education and know-how distribution among those who work with youth. Our goal is to connect such people from several European countries, offer them the possibility to share their experience and to create a network of contributors across the whole Europe. Because the implementer, AMA organisation, cooperates on long term basis with all participating countries and knows their involvement and methods, we strongly believe that each and every of the selected countries has something to offer. For the future, we wish also to enhance the contacts between the Czech Republic and other EU countries. Primary objective is the education and the broadening of knowledge of the target group (people who work with youth). Our goal is to fulfill one of the Erasmus+ objectives, i.e. the improvement of the work with youth and the activities of informal education. During the project, we will improve the skills associated with their professional profiles (work with disadvantaged youth), increase the ability to work with the needs of the disadvantaged people, we will increase the ability to initiate change in terms of opening up to the world in the context of the adoption of new practices and principles. We will extend the level of knowledge and skills, including lecturing and teaching approaches by comparing them with foreign colleagues. Specific training methods, procedures and activities practised with a group of young people from abroad will upgrade the target groups of workers by European dimension. This is how we will increase their knowledge and skills for youth work in the field of informal education. The project will allow them to learn the new forms of education and even try it in practices. In addition, it is an integral part of a project of international cooperation and the establishment of coalitions that will last well into the future. Our goal is to create a network of professional but friendly relations between profile-similar institutions and organizations that may work on improving their status and expanding their capabilities for the benefit of juvenils in the future. In frame of the project we will use different methods for different groups of people. First, we will send 8 people (youth workers) in each country (Estonia, Slovakia, Sweden, Portugal) where they meet in each of two participating organizations with 3 other youth workers and youngsters from abroad who use the services of the concrete organization. Then we meet again with all foreign colleagues and we will work to improve some functional methods or activities that have been selected within the foreign trips. Such meeting will always be intended for partners and representatives of the international organizations (8 people), trip participants (8 people) and other youth workers, who could not attend the official journey (about 14 people). The outcome of the project should be the formed friendships at a formal level, which may in the future lead to joint projects. Last but not least, we will create a written output that will describe the methods used and their applicability. This document will further contain the photographs from various events and other important info and will be further distributed to all parties involved as well as to others outside the project.



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