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Date du début: 25 août 2014, Date de fin: 25 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Audience (s): Apprentices and Students in the fields of metal and electric. Participants work in companies in the region and in some cases complete a module in vocational education at the Dutch school. Aims: - Getting to know the life and work in other European countries, - To enhance skills such as social and practical competences - To expand expertise in job-related and linguistic area, - Improving the quality of education through an international internship (practical modules) - Introducing a European dimension to vocational training through the joint execution of professional work activities with colleagues from other European countries - Strengthening already acquired knowledge and skills among dissimilar conditions (justice to the needs of the participants and the demands of the economy and thus facilitate the transition to employment) - Acquisition of new knowledge and skills to enhance the skills profile - Development of mobility in the job search - Promotion of language skills (not only but also colloquial jargon) and especially reduction of (creation of voice security) - Promote interest / understanding of cultural peculiarities, - Joint Performance Review by Dutch and German and Danish and German supervisors - Certification of successful participation by the Euro pass mobility The trainees participate in the rule for the first time in an international internship. It is for them like a baptism of fire - on one side you can put your acquired hitherto professional skills to the test and on the other hand, they can test their English language skills over a longer period. The trainees learn that mobility in the professional world is attractive in general, including because other cultures are interesting.



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