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"Zostań profesjonalistą w nowoczesnej technologii 3D"
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The main objective of the project is to acquire the knowledge and skills of modern technology by students of the Collection of Technical Schools in Srem in the Secondary School in Sevilla SAFA and raising the quality of education in the profession of printing. The specific objectives are: - Work experience through practical application and improvement of these skills (professional) which will contribute to the professional development of the participant - participation in professional practice, which will last two weeks - Development and use by the participants ICT competence, language proficiency, organizational, social and personal characteristics necessary to strengthen the professional and social life, - Verification of their professional predisposition - Skills in planning their career - Raise awareness among the participants having to learn throughout life - Increase intercultural awareness - Encourage young people in our region to learn the directions to prepare them to work with modern 3D technologies - Increasing the occupational mobility of our students on a national and international labor market after high school - The promotion of innovative methods and forms of vocational training, lifelong learning - mobility, bringing European education system and the principles of the organization of work force in IT companies - To increase students' interest in learning foreign languages with specific industries - Completion of work experience abroad and gain certificates needed in the labor market. In each year-groups of 16 students will participate in the two-week work placement during the project time. The practice will be held in the Secondary School of SAFA in cooperation with EUROMIND. The students are aged between 17 and 18 years of age. The project is aimed at students in grades II and III training to be digital techniques and techniques of graphic processes and organization. The participants are students struggling with a very difficult family situation and financial position, which prevents them from gaining professional qualifications abroad. Travel to foreign practices not only will improve their language skills, but also will give them the opportunity to come into contact with innovative techniques. Through additional language classes, vocational and career counseling, students will have the opportunity to gain additional valuable skills, knowledge and experience required in their future careers. Participation in the project contributed to the free movement of graduates in the labor market. Support for the project includes: a. The English language training courses and German and Spanish language course, b. The continuation of the Spanish course in the country of EUROMIND intermediate Institution, c. The cultural activities in the field of interpersonal communication for personal development and intercultural awareness, d. The workshops with professional counseling skills for planning participants’ career and increase awareness of the need for learning throughout life, e. The implementation of the program in the country's cultural institutions Partnership, composed of will include lessons on Spanish culture, language exchange with young people from other countries and one trip, f. The professional practice in the Secondary School Safa in Seville, g. in the context of ECVET will receive a portfolio. Project activities will be implemented in: - Poland, Srem - Spain, Sevilla. ZST in cooperation with EUROMIND after the project, will provide each participant to receive a certificate Europass - Mobility, which describe the qualifications and skills acquired during the internship. In addition, participants will receive a certificate of the host organization, documenting the work performed, the duration of the internship and the title and language certificate documenting the holding of the Spanish language course. Each student will receive a record of participation in the project at a promotional certificate and certificate of graduation and the score sheet. Participants will also receive a European Certificate of computer skills, which will provide a certificate of basic skills to use tools to create 2-dimensional 3D drawings. At the end of practice students will receive letters of reference, a certificate attesting the skills and portfolio. Participants in the project while participating in practices will gain the following vocational skills: the ability to draw the publication and printing of graphic works, operation of digital production systems used in printing, preparing graphics and multimedia presentation, execution and implementation of online multimedia projects, conducting printing processes, determining the technological parameters of the product, product manufacturing process planning printing in the digital environment. Thanks to the project youth while gaining knowledge and practices using ICT in 3D design the advertising and design an advertising campaign.


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