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Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

International youth exchange Zero2Hero will bring thirty two participants from four countries, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania and Czech republic, togehter to learn in a beautiful surroundings of Jeseniky mountains about personal developement, information and media literacy, creative work with informations and leadership. A PISA research shows, that high-school students are under median in comparation with other countries of European union in the field of information literacy, and have problems also in other fields. What could be one of the reasons, why young people left schools early and have problems by their job seraching and starting their own careers. All participants are as well youth leaders and youth workers, so they can use obtained knowledge and skills in their work with children and youth and help them improve their lifes, going through thier schools and by searching their jobs. There will be used a lot of methods during the project in filed of information literacy (Big6, Bloom's taxonomy, storytelling, leasons preparations, thinking hats, World café), media literacy (data mining of social networks, PR and maketing by online tools, internet safety discussions, media institutions excursion, movie as a learning tool), creative works with informations (free writing, T-graf, five leaves, abecedary, postcard inspiration, acrostic, infografic or collage) in cooperation with digital skills improvement (interactive devices experiences sharing, using GPS navigation, audiobook creating), and personal development and leadership (imagination, MBTI test, presentation skills praxis, Belbins team roles, argumentation battle of speakers, panel discussion) in unique enviroment of interculture learning (culture evenings of all countries, excursions, social evening by bonfire and sausages grilling, experiential education). The participants will work with worksheets like with a summary of theories, methods and most important a support for their praxis. We add a comentary about the project and its realisation with using the worsheets at the end of the project and will publish it as a practical guide in a form of online brochure for easy spreding, that can be used by many more in the topic intrested people. And we put all those to portal and write a collumns and press release about all of it in online and print media.



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