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Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The consortium is composed of six vocational schools from Region Zealand, which have already implemented and still is implementing mobility projects together under both Leonardo da Vinci and Erasmus + KA1. In this application we're building on the experience gained by the consortium made up so far. The collaboration in the consortium have strengthened the incentive to get more students and employees took on the mobility course, and thus the project described in this application will help to strengthen:1. Our students 'and employees' international perspective and knowledge, language skills and intercultural skills through their participation in training abroad, which enables them to act in an education sector and a labor market with a still higher degree of internationalization.2. Quality assurance of training abroad through a deeper integration of ECVET3. Our institutions, international relations and cooperate with other European schools, businesses and social partners through the roll-out of ECVET, when we jointly to develop new procedures that ensure transparency, validation and recognition of learning outcomes in connection with training abroadThe project will thus contribute to the fulfillment of the consortium's strategic objectives, as described in our European Development Plan, and simultaneously contributing to the realization of the objectives of the Erasmus + program. To ensure the maximum learning outcomes, the consortium has decided that in connection with VET learners used ECVET and Europass Mobility.We expect to send out 250 VET learners on 3 week mobilities and 60 VET staff on one week mobilities.The consortium will besides disseminating knowledge about the project through the usual channels (school websites, newsletters, local media) establish a joint web site for the Consortium where all mobilities will be documented, and how students and employees experience will be shared.



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