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Zdrowe, ekologiczne, aktywne życie w mieście i poza miastem
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The participants of our project was the youth organization Espacio Joven Ayuntamiento de Maracena and a group of students fascinated by the culture and the Spanish language from the fifteenth High School in Gdansk. A total of 22 participants from Poland and the same number of participants from Spain, and the 3 leaders from each country. The main theme of our project was environmental education in combination with a healthy lifestyle. We have completed numerous workshops related to the topic of ecology that will allow our organizations to move towards the best rational use of energy, which will help us to have a positive impact on the fight against unwanted climate change and promote environmentally friendly attitudes. We have given the example of our commitment to the topic of replacement making the films on this subject. At the recycling workshop as well as developing manual skills and artistic creativity we reflected on the second life of things. The project contributed directly to beautifying our nearby surrounding because we planted the plants, thus obtaining another new experience. We promoted a healthy lifestyle through physical activity, contact with nature and the rational nutrition. Through games, physical activities, workshops, explorations we encouraged students to learn and develop themselves outside the school. After implementation of the project we are more aware of the importance of nature in human life and the need to respect it. The newly acquired knowledge motivated us to continue to promote ecological issues outside our community, we organized meetings on the subject in befriended schools. In the long term the project will increase our more environmentally conscious attitudes. During the project, the two groups learn from one other, like for example, the preparation of traditional dishes, ways of functioning groups, cooperation, spending free time. We exchanged the knowledge of our countries, their culture and traditions. We have established friendships that we cherish. And between our organizations we further develop cooperation by preparing another visit and planning another joint action. We have tried to make our project visible in our school, by ordering the banners, sweatshirts, T-shirts, bags promoting our activities. We have placed all the information concerning the project on the school's website and have been promoting in cooperative schools, in social networking, and also in the Internet publishing department of the Office of Counsellor of Education. Our acquired experience we intend to share with our younger collaegues, the same as our older and more experienced colleagues led us earlier, so we could begin the creation of the exchange project.


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