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Zdobywam doświadczenie zawodowe w krajach Unii Europejskiej.
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project „Gaining experience in European Union countries” is written for students at Vocational or Technical Secondary School in Przodkowo (ZSP). It has the following objectives: the rise of the students’ key competencies and skills including students with fewer opportunities; promoting an active participation in democratic life in Europe as well as in the labor market; promoting an active citizenship, intercultural dialogue, community involvement and solidarity; increasing opportunities for educational mobility; higher participation in the labor market; improving skills and professional qualifications. Achieving these objectives will be possible thanks to the participation in the project. All participants will accomplish the following objectives: -complete the placement abroad -develop the knowledge and skills in the target field and do utmost to meet the expectations of the workplace -do the practical task -develop proficiency in English -gain the Europass-Mobility -gain the professional experience and get the individual performance assessment -learn independence in new circumstances -learn about the education system in foreign country and how it works -learn about the specific rules and way of work in the new country -work effectively as a part of a team. The traineeship for Technical Secondary School of Nutrition will take place in the restaurants serving traditional Portuguese specialities including fish, seafood, fruit and vegetables popular in the region. Students will have chance to gain the professional experience in every step of food preparation. They will improve speaking fluency as well as and learning independence. Thus students will be able to verify the knowledge and skills previously acquired in school. IT specialists will do the following tasks: Computer programming; managing application software and software development tools; database designing, forming, administration and supervising; designing websites and internet applications; hardware configuration and management; administration and supervising of operating systems, managing software, hardware and networking. The students of the Technical Secondary School of Landscape Architecture will learn new skills (mostly practical) in their field which include: garden and landscape designing; garden planning and maintenance; learning about the plants unique to the United Kingdom; green walls constructions; using new ideas and materials in gardens; participating in building green roofs, designing, constructing and installing the irrigation systems; year-round, full care maintenance of entire landscapes, including planting, cutting and fertilization of plants. The project is an opportunity for students to create the possibility of obtaining competences essential in finding their own place in today’s European labor market. Undertaking an internship confirmed by the relevant certificate (Europass-Mobility) will be an advantage in their future. The project will include participation in traineeships in Portugal and England. Each group of students will go with one teacher-tutor.



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