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Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project „Vocational ‘merry-go-round’ of my dreams” concerning an apprenticeship abroad is aimed at the 17 – 19-year-old students of Technical College studying Gastronomy and Hotel management. Our school assures vocational education as well as four-week practical training (during the whole educational course) at various employers. The project is to be conducted with the Eberwalde Vocational Training Association from Germany. Its major goal is giving our students an opportunity to gain new abilities and vocational competence andusing the school knowledge and vocational skills on the Europeanlabour market. Additional aim of the project is getting to know modern trends in gastronomy and hotel industry andacquiring linguistic skills by using German at work. The apprenticeship’s programme is based on the elements of the ECVET system and it is adequate to the need of organizing the process of education according to the demands created by the labour market. The project triggers at the group of students of Technical College who frequently content with various problems (they suffer from poverty, unemployment and negligence). The students were said to be in need of developing interpersonal skills, teamwork, the ability to adapt to work in changing environment, boosting self-esteem, gaining self-confidence and achieving success at work. Taking part in the project will certainly become a life-changing experience. Additionally, the beneficiaries require support to improve their vocational and language competence, with emphasis on vocational foreign language, as well as to gain the skill of making independent and responsible vocational and lifetime decisions. Going through foreign vocational work experience in places affiliated with the students vocational training will make it easier for the project participants to find employment in the future. During the duration of the project our students will gain, so much desired by employers, skills indispensable on ever changing local, regional, national and European labour markets. Through vocational training, personal coaching, cultural workshops, vocational German language lessons and work advisor’s support during the groundwork stage our project aims at increase of vocational as well as social and personal competence for example broadening of horizons, learning new patterns of behaviour, resistance to fear of changes. The students’ progress will be evaluated by both German and Polish teachers of vocational subjects in accordance to ECVET evaluating system. During their stay in Germany our students will take part in a vocational German language course as well as cultural activities. Through acquiring the European Mobility certificate and Europass CV as well as certificates confirming their vocational foreign language competence the project participants will improve their mobility on the European labour market. Due to social- interpersonal skills acquired during the project its participants, in case of having difficulty in finding employment locally, will have the ability and courage to look for employment in other regions or even countries.Through the participation in the project the youth will get support that will lead to the change of their mentality. They will be more self-confident and convinced of the possibility to control their lives. In the environment in which the unemployment rate stands at 20% (one of the highest in the country), the project participants will set a good example to show the ability to change their situation and the need to take steps to improve the present state. The project implementation will also affect the image of Zespół Szkół Gospodarczych in Elblag. The school will be seen as a modern institution which has a real impact on the employability of graduates. Thereby, the number of young people wishing to attend it will increase. Moreover, the competence of staff will grow. The people will be more open, mobile and willing to participate in future projects and initiatives of the EU. The local entrepreneurs, who are the owners of workplaces in which youth apprenticeship takes place, will gain skilled workers who will be able to practically use their knowledge and also professional, linguistic and concerning the organization of work skills. Using the experience of the project participants by employers can certainly result in increased attractiveness of eating places on the market. The project participants are also potential future employers, who will raise the quality of services in the catering and hotel industry due to the experience gained during the internship.



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