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Zavod O - Kids in Action 2.1
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Longterm EVS project "Zavod O – Kids in Action 2.1"will deepen the cooperation of five daily centers in the wider area of Škofja Loka, Slovenia: MDC Blok (Youth Daily Care Center Blok), PUM (Project learning of Youth), Daily Care Center DCΩ, Daily center Podlbnik (all in Škofja Loka) and Daily Care Center Škrlovec in Kranj. First two are run by the NGO, DC Škrlovec, DCΩ and DC Podlubnik work under the Center for Social Work in Kranj and Škofja Loka, which are governmental institutions.Despite slight organisational differences they all have a common target group, which is children and youth between the age of 6 and 16 years and their families. The fundamental idea of all five Daily Care Centers is based on the desire to offer a program of activities to the generation/ group of young people with different problems, who spend their free time aimlessly and in a disorganised way, in idleness and boredom, who are deprived from normal family life experience.They give children and youth a place, where they feel confortable and safe, where they can develop their social skills and get quality support considering their behavioral, emotional, learning and other diffilculties. The program aims to provide support to learners with specific learning needs and to those with adolescent problems. The support is meant to be provided both at the individual level – working with each individual, as well as in cooperation with parents and all family. The program includes group work and activities with adolescents, cooperation among different institutions, learning help, advisory work, holiday camps, daily excursions. All these centers are extremely similar to each other,they have similar practice of work and practicaly same target population. That is the reason why we came to the conclusion, that the cooperation between those centers should be streighten by hosting a common EVS project with 5 EVS volunteers, activities of which would last for one school year.Volunteers of the project Kids in Action 2.1 will supplement group of 3 EVS volunteers of already existing EVS project named Kids in Action 2, so the above mentioned short term objective would be realized.Volunteers of Kids in Action 2.1 will be included in the work of hosting Daily Care centers for the period of 8 months, from january 2016 until september 2016, when the Activities of Kids in Action 2 project end. During this period volunteers will be involed in Daily centre in; free-time holidays activities, camps for youth, helping youth with school tasks, free-time activities in Daily center during the school year and other activities; helping to performing personel with administration, team meetings, meetings with mentor, dealing with media, getting familiar with theory of preventing work with youngsters and with social care sistem in Slovenia etc. All the included institutions are very perspective environment for EVS volunteers to show and improve their own abilities and skills, to grow in their knowledge, to be a part of sucessful work-team, to show or to develop their self-initiative which is one of the most likable characteristic in our institution. The EVS volunteers will be wellwell and fairly included in the working team. All issues considering work, developent, ideas, progress or problems will be discussed individauly or on the weekly meatings. The project will raise the quality of youth work and created opportunities for joint projects and further successful work, not only on the local level, but also at the regional. The aim of all in project included youth organizations is to get new skills and experiences, to increase the level of tolerance, mutual acceptance, understanding, respect. Volunteers will acquire new skills, improve academic success, improve their employability and career prospects, they will develop their self-confidence and independence, they will gain a sense of entrepreneurship, strengthen intercultural awareness, they will internalize the values of the EU and increase the motivation for continuing education, both formal and informal.Not only the volunteers who will be hosted will gain from the project, but also local young people involved as activists in our organization, as they will participate in an international team, where they will learn from one another in a multicultural environment. Through it they will gain for such a small town as Škofja Loka, yet very much needed European dimension of viewing the world. At the same time, we will present and promote the Erasmus + programme among local youth and motivate them for participating at any of the existing programs in the future. In this way, through the examples of good practice, we will significantly impact on the increase of mobility of young people. In addition, the project aims to positively influence and spread the values of the EU among other residents of the local community.



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