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Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project involves sending four groups of 10 students of Technikum Elektryczno-Energetyczne from Zespół Szkół nr 12 in Bydgoszcz, Poland, who are trained in the profession of an electrical technician and a power engineering technician, on a two-week practical training organized by Vitalis GmbH – a host institution. Four different time periods have been planned: group 1 – 03.04.2016 – 17.04.2016, group 2 – 17.04.2016 – 01.05.2016, group 3 – 18.09.2016 – 02.10.2016, group 4 – 02.10.2016 – 16.10.2016. The main objective of the practical training on the topic of automation systems is to create the opportunity to develop new skills and competences at various levels: vocational, personal, intercultural and language. The participants will: learn about the practical usage and programming of PLC controllers and modern equipment, get information about structure and work organization of companies which use automation in their business activities, learn details of health and safety at work, get knowledge about culture and educational system in Germany, improve their foreign language skills (general and vocational). Gained by the students new skills and competences will be confirmed by appropriate certificates and described in Europass-Mobility document. The participants will have an opportunity to meet their peers from other European countries. Zespół Szkół nr 12 have planned many actions supporting achieving the objectives: participants recruitment, informational meetings, language - culture and support training, vocational training, cultural programme and free time activities, monitoring the mobility, project evaluation, certificates, dissemination of results, final report. To ensure a high quality of those actions a diversified methodology will be used: conclusion of contracts and agreements, surveys, reporting, the assessment of practical training dairies, transfer of marks (ECVET), additional lessons, group work, a monitoring visit, multimedia presentation, elaboration of a guidebook „Elektryk w podróży”(Electrical school on the road), etc. In the project we have predicted the following effects: getting certificates and Europass-Mobility, successful completion of the practical training in the third grade, widening the educational offer of school, increasing educational and vocational mobilities, the usage of the gained experience in the implementation of new projects. Those effects will not only influence the development strategy of Zespół Szkół nr 12, but, due to effective dissemination, also other educational institutions and employers in the region and they will also increase interest in the host company. Due to the project students will gain competences useful in the contemporary labour market in Poland and they will be able to compete with candidates for jobs in Europe.



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