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Zanietený učiteľ=zanietený žiak - podpora pozitívneho vzťahu k anglickému jazyku a európskej kultúre
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

An inspired teacher inspires students. We find the inspiration to study, travel and learn about other countries to be vastly important. This is the reason this project was originally initiated. We believe that forming a positive attitude of our students towards the English language leads not only to their better results but also to broadening their horizons. Vision of our school is to acknowledge its good regional reputation as well as to "open its gates" towards European opportunities. We plan to fulfil this vision by improving the language competency of our students and by creating partnerships with schools in other European countries. We expect to provide our students with basic proficiency in English to enable them to travel, study or work abroad. The CLIL method is to be one of the tools for creating effective opportunities to use the foreign language skills. The goal of our project is to enrich the knowledge and experience of our teachers via completing a variety of courses offered by the mobility programme and thus enrich the students, the fellow teachers, the curriculum and our community. The chief purpose remains in forming a positive attitude of our students towards the English language. We need to support the motivation (both of teachers and students) to study English, to initiate new creative teaching methods, to learn more about CLIL and British culture. Moreover, we intend to focus on our students with special needs because they seem to struggle with the foreign language the most. We chose 7 out of 20 teachers involved in teaching English using the following criteria: high motivation, choice of the course suitable for the diversity of the project, personal and professional competency. The selected participants have to show their enthusiasm to learn and share with others and they have to prove their determination to cooperate. The special teacher is included to the team to help with teaching students with special educational needs. To promote creativity in our classrooms we selected a participant who will learn how to use drama, music, storytelling and role-play in teaching. To refresh the methodology we chose two participants (one for young and one for secondary learners) who will improve their confidence and competence in English and update their skills in the class management and practical teaching techniques. To teach cross-cultural awareness in the classroom we've got a participant who will explore different aspects of modern British life and culture. One of our participants is to develop her language skills and one is to learn more about the CLIL methodology. The special teacher is to gain practical classroom skills and materials for teaching English to students with special needs. The main purpose of attending the above mentioned courses is sharing the experience. We plan to organize various workshops for students, teachers and parents, and demonstration lessons, such as "The Days of European Culture" and "The English Day" (a day of lessons taught only in English) etc. We also hope to establish an international partnership with an English speaking European school, which may result in exchanging students or making penfriends. Benefits of the project will be monitored by questionnaires, interviews and observations. One questionnaire will focus on the students' attitude towards the English language. It will be demonstrated twice - once before and the second time after a year of applying the new methods and approaches. The findings will be compared. Another tool of monitoring the project will be the teachers' (participants') portfolio. The outcome will focus not only on the attitude of students toward the English language but also on their knowledge of European culture. We hope to reach a higher proficiency of teaching English, to meet the European standards. We intend to give publicity to our project and its outcomes on our website and therefore hope for the increased interest in studying at our school as well as using the mobility programme.



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