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Zagraniczne praktyki zawodowe uczniów ZSEiT - projekt 2015-2017
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project 'Technical college students' of ZSEiT apprenticeship abroad – project 2015 – 2017' is aimed at the students of the Secondary Economic and Technical School in Słupsk, studying in third and second grades in the field of economy, trade as well as digital and graphic processes. The project will enable students to undergo a mandatory training period in the dimension of three weeks which results from the curriculum. 80 students, who are going to take part in the project, will be admitted on the basis of the conditions detailed in the plan of recruitment. These are people aged 17 to 18. In every year given students will be involved in the project: technician in the field of economy, technician in the field of digital and graphic processes and technician in the field of trade. Altogether, 40 students will take part in the training in 2016 and 40 in the year 2017. Students will do a three-week-training at March - April 2016 and 2017. The main purpose of this training is to improve the quality of vocational education, acquire key competences and vocational skills of students taking part in vocational training abroad, confirm the results with certificates and the Europass Mobility document. The purpose was issued due to priority union activities concerning developing basic skills and reducing premature school leaving. Training is going to reflect an innovative character since students will not only have a chance to be exposed to and practise a foreign language of the trade but also familiarize with different, more up-to-date technologies of work and new solutions in newly established English and German companies. In order to be equal to the requirements of temporary market economy, the school's task is to educate a young man as best as they can and equip them with the knowledge to do the job. Given purposes were laid down in the project in response to these needs: improving the quality and effectiveness of vocational training , improving skills of foreign vocational language, icreasing mobility of students, learning a new culture, developing the enterprising spirit. Students will achieve their objectives through gaining new experience and vocational skills in training centres and companies of different branches in accordance with fields of education in our school, in economically developed countries. Young people will also broaden their theoretical and practical knowledge in the range of vocational subjects, foreign languages and culture of different European countries. Due to abroad training and confirmation of qualifications in the Europass Mobility students become competitive in the local labour market, in their native country as well as in Europe. An important result of building networks of international contacts, which enables active participation in society, will be a new and courageous attitude of the students to the world and new ideas drawn from another country. The school will make its educational offer more attractive which will contribute to improving the quality of vocational training as well as increasing the quality of recruitment. There will be some long-term benefits of this project: better recognision of competences gained through learning periods abroad, reinforcing the effect of links between formal and informal education, vocational training, employment and enterpreneurship. Project operations should continue the process of broadening the international dimension of education due to cooperation with Partner Countries.


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