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Заедно за по-добра Европа
Date du début: 1 mars 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Together for a better Europe" is a youth exchange, which aims to step up young people from three member states of the EU (Bulgaria, Lithuania and Romania) to participate in voluntary initiatives with their peers in the underdeveloped region of Bulgaria, namely the area of Central Stara Planina. With the help of our partners will contribute to the dissemination and development of the principles of volunteering and the active involvement of young people in activities related to ecology, the environment and tourism. Participants will work on issues concerning opportunities Volunteering provides for the promotion of activities aimed at improving the conditions and quality of life of young people and their families from the region of Gabrovo. They are intended to participate in practical activities by labeling ecotourism route in the park "Nezabravka". The implementation of this exchange will enable young people to understand the nature and importance of their involvement in the improvement of the environment and tourism opportunities that a remote location offers and at the same time to develop their ideas to implement their own initiatives. The informal group has experience in the implementation of program activities, which further ensure successful implementation. In implementing the principles of "Erasmus +" will be used methods of informal learning (discussions, role playing, debates, group work, team building, meetings with experts and young people and many others). We will rely on many outdoor activities and cultural exchange.Period: 19 - April 26, 2016Venue: Popovtsi, Gabrovo , BulgariaNumber of participants: 14 from each partner country (42 as total)Recommended age of participants: 17 - 25 y.o.Certification tools: Youthpass



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