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Заедно към по-добра трудова заетост
Date du début: 17 juin 2014, Date de fin: 1 janv. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Youth unemployment is a common European concern nowadays. This project comes as a follow-up action after a successful project on a similar topic held last year by Association “Academy of Success”. The project “Together towards better employability” aims to tackle the concept of youth employability in a larger scale. That’s why this Training Program would address a group of 30 youth workers and civil society activists who often face the challenge to work with unemployed young people. The representatives of the NGOs attending the course would be coming from the following countries: Spain, Italy, France, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Romania, Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Macedonia. The main aim of thе 8 days international training course is to equip the target group with competences to use NON Formal education methods for work successfully with unemployed youngsters. Also this project would provide the learners with knowledge and skills in the field of project management in order to enable them to develop quality youth projects, in this way involve more young people on local level, and try foster youth employability within their communities. Through the lateral learning process this training program would support the personal and professional development of the participants, so that they act as multipliers of the gained knowledge within their organizations and their local realities. Main Objectives: • To achieve a general common understanding about the concept of employability • To identify and explore obstacles and issues related to youth employability and their possible solutions • To reflect on how NFE and youth work could develop new strategies for increasing youth employability • To get to know how to use the European Programs and funds available in order to support youth employability • To build up competences of participants in the field of project management in order to ensure the quality impact and sustainability of joint future youth projects • To learn new methods and practical examples which could be used while working with young people in order to increase their potential for being employable • To set up space for exchange of best practices related to solutions which could be proposed for fostering youth employability Lateral objectives: • Exploration of concept of employability through youth work or how “to become a multiplier” • Exchange of project ideas, building up future projects and partnerships and exchange of best practices in youth work The course will be based on the principles and practice of non-formal education taking into account participants needs, motivations and experiences. Communication between participants and mutual understanding will be encouraged in order to enable exchange of knowledge, skills and attitudes and to reflect upon them. The group will act as a resource for the learning process taking into account their previous experiences in the field as a resource. A diversity of working methods will be used to achieve the objectives and to tackle the approaches for supporting youth group projects. To ensure a balance between theory and practice, a range of workshops, inputs, simulation exercises, presentations, discussions, debate and sharing will be included. Space will be given for regular feedback and reflections and review.



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