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Zaawansowane umiejętności projektowania w Auto CAD
Date du début: 15 déc. 2014, Date de fin: 14 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The objective of ZUPA Project was to organise an advanced three-week course of drawing in AutoCAD. The training was planned as a part of our compulsory internship programme for students of ?l?skie Techniczne Zak?ady Naukowe in Katowice. Twenty students of Mechatronics, ICT, Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Power Engineering with two accompanying teachers took part in the project. The main objective was to gain skills and knowledge to create designs in Auto/CAD. The participants obtained EUROPASS Certificates and Course Certificates. Additionally they have improved practical knowledge of languages along with ESP. The main language of the course was English. Apart from this the students had to prepare in English presentations of their designs given on the last day of the training. Creating their projects gave the participants a possibility to work with second to none solutions in computer design. THE TASK COMPLETED: I. Information about the project II. Candidates selection III. Preparatory course involving English and German language course IV. Training course - Using layers and properties - Putting together scaled drawings - Text and pattern in AutoCAD - Dimension drawing - Creating blocks and using them in projects - Creating and formatting texts - Creating technical objects i.e. hinge, lever, drive plate - Design of 3D parts - Derivation of 2D-drawings - Completion of parts to assemblies - Views and sections of parts and assemblies - Completing section assemblies - Designing objects (building, vase, chair, vehicle) - Creating parametric sketches - Sketches provided with constraints - Generating 3D-parts - Derivation of 2D-drawings - Completion of parts to assemblies - Views and sections of parts and assemblies - Animation of an engine In addition to this programme the participants visited Dresden and nearby attractions: Volkswagen factory, Saxon Switzerland, Pillnitz Palace, Museum of Technology and Military Museum. V. PROJECT INFLUENCE ON THE PARTICIPANTS: A. THE STUDENTS: 1. Improved their skills in English and German. 2. Learnt professional vocabulary and terminology used in Auto/CAD. 3. Acquired professional skills in drawing and making projects in Auto/CAD. 4. Obtained certificates confirming their qualifications. 5. Enriched their cross-cultural competences taking part in trips and events during their stay. B. THE TEACHERS: 1. Improved their skills in English and German. 2. Learnt the newest versions of Auto/CAD. 3. Observed teaching methods of other trainers. 4. Got the experience of managing a large group of students being away for a long period of time. C. THE APPLYING INSTITUTION: 1. Increased its knowledge capital as a result of exchanging experience with teachers and students who have taken pert in the course. 2. Developed teaching skills of the teachers. VI. LONG TERM BENEFITS: Polish companies cooperating with the school in organising internships and looking for employees among our graduates were informed about the project. Some of them were interested in the results and it is quite likely that the students will get job offers when they graduate. VII. THE PARTNERS: WBS TRAINNIG AG operates through about 100 branches in Germany alone with 600 employees. It offers vocational training and adult education programmes supported by the country authorities as well as business trainings and European training programmes. WBS TRAINNIG AG is one of main German training institutions. The company issues Europass Certificates with detailed information about the course and is able to prepare a training for large number of participants offering state-of-the-art equipment and the latest versions of Autodesk software. It owns German and English licence for autodesk. ?l.TZN which in the last decade was a leading school in The Perspektywy and The Rzeczpospolita rankings of schools in Poland, regularly being placed within the top 20-30, in 2015 was classified at the 1st position in Silesian Voivodeship and 17th in Poland. Each year our students win prizes at country Olympiads and competitions, especially in vocational subjects ? detailed info at our webpage. Our graduates are employed by the industry or pursue their academic careers. The school actively supports the graduates by placing job advertisements at its website or organising meetings with potential employers. We cooperate with many companies helping our students organise their internships.



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