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Date du début: 1 oct. 2014, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project of foreign internships is focused on increasing the level of practical training of students and graduates. It responds to the situation on the labor market where employers require graduates of our schools to have, in addition to professional knowledge, practice and good level of English. Internships are designed for students of 2nd and third year business academy and for recent graduates of fourth year of the study focused on foreign trade and multimedia. Participants have from school mainly theoretical knowledge and lack of practical skills and experience. Internships of students of second and third year of study will be held in May 2015. They will be attended by 18 students (10 internships will be in Ireland and 8 in the UK). Placements will last for four weeks. The participants will be sent with accompanying person - one in each country - in the UK for the first two weeks of internships and in Ireland, by reason of participation fo disabled person in wheelchair, for the whole time of internship. Internships of graduates will be held in the period of June - July 2015. They will be 4 weeks long and will be attended by 10 participants. All placements will take place in the UK. Before leaving for the internship, participants will attend preparatory courses in English, they will pass cultural and vocational training and training on practical matters of internships. The placements will be organized in cooperation with our partners abroad. They will seek suitable host organizations and ensure participants' accommodation with host families. The aim of the project is to improve the quality of practical training and their enrichment of European dimension. Participants are passing through practice abroad to improve their future employability and job mobility. Participants will develop professional competence, they will make linguistic progress (improvement in everyday and professional English and conversation), develop personality (independence, taking care of themselves, orientation in a foreign environment and adaptability, self-esteem). Participants will acquire work habits (checking out the real working environment, management and organization of work, incorporation into the workforce), increase the financial literacy (independent expenditure planning and management of the entrusted funds). They become familiar with new cultural and economic environment (knowledge of another culture, lifestyle and standard of living). The project outcomes will be reflected primarily in the professional level of the participants. They will have experience from abroad, new knowledge and skills, work habits, life experience, greater perspective and increased mobility. Internship will also bring participants greater independence and self-confidence, higher level of English, increased motivation for further education and improved financial literacy. Participants will improve their position when entering university or job after graduation and make new private and business contacts. Other outputs from the project will be Europass mobility, certificates from intermediary organizations, certificates or recommendations from beneficiary organizations photo documentation from internships (from workplaces and leisure time) and articles in newspapers or on the Internet. Thanks to foreign internships, participants will receive new professional competences, knowledge and skills that will make their entry into the labor market easier. Some participants will increase their motivation to study at domestic university or will be interested in studying abroad. The school will improve the vocational training and teaching of English. Studying at our school become more attractive and interest in it will rise. The prestige of the school will increase. The project will have an impact on the development of cooperation with foreign partners. Project enables transfer of experience and their uses, both in school training, and in future work on other projects.



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