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Z Europą po sukces w zawodzie.
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "With Europe for success in the profession" was created to acquire and improve professional knowledge and skills for students in the engineering professions: logistics, electrical, mechatronics and implementation of recordings and sound systems. Apart from the aspect of the professional skills improvement, the project also aims to build and develop key competencies of young students which include such skills as communication, assertiveness, creativity, resistance to stress, leadership, ability to cooperate with other people and to work independently and manage time. The impact of these competencies on the quality of work of the team is huge. It is true that vocational skills and theoretical knowledge - purely technical, specific to the profession, is often insufficient in the era of highly specialized technical personnel in companies. Therefore, the elements called emotional intelligence, which undoubtedly make up the so-called soft skills often perform as important role as the substantive knowledge. Therefore, it seems important to emphasise to these two spheres of development of the students during the month-long internships in Portsmouth on the south coast of England, in San Salvo on the east coast of the Adriatic Sea in Italy and Foligno in the Italian region of Umbria. There will be eight 10-and 6-person groups going in spring - autumn interval. In total in two years in eight groups there will leave 56 students. Each group will be accompanied by a teacher and a tutor from the partner institution. The foreign partner from England - Training Vision provides adequate placements according to the profile of our students. There will be companies like Mr Pine & Sons, the British Heart Foundation-Electrical and Furniture, Direct Carpet Centre, InfonetMedia, SEEKIT, Spinnaker Waste, Sue Ryder, Homebase and Oden Service. The Italian partners will ensure the internships in such companies as Traspec - Logistica e Trasporti (logisticians), Cultural Association Viaindustriae, SpazioZut, Calderini Music Service, SD-SERVICE , EasyEvent or Kino View (recording and sound technicians).The assessment of the acquired skills will be determined by ECVET Skills Portfolio document, based on which students will receive certificates of ECVET. In addition to these certifications trainees will receive certificates of completion of the placement issued by our partner as well as the Europass Mobility documents. An important element of the whole project will be the program of cultural, educational and linguistic preparation and a cultural program during their stay. Planned trips to places of cultural and historical values in England involve: London, Isle of Wight, Stonehenge, Winchester, Salisbury, Oxford or Brighton and in Italy: Rome, Naples, Florence, Pompeii and the Tremiti Islands. These tours will show the beauty and the uniqueness of both countries. In England students will be staying with English host-families to help them grind the English language and experience the culture and customs of the English. In Italy students will be accommodated in hotels or apartments. Before leaving for Italy, students will participate in the course of the basic Italian and all participants will take part in the linguistic preparation on the online course - Erasmus + Online Linguistic Support (OLS) prepared by the European Commission's language portal. At each stage there will be comprehensive evaluation conducted and during the project and after its completion dissemination activities will be held. After returning from the internships students will receive appropriate evaluation grades of the training on forms of entries on their final certificates.


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