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YW - "Think, love, move, do!"
Date du début: 1 mars 2016, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The background of "Think, love, move, do!" is the need in rural areas to address social inclusion of youth with physical and mental disabilities, as well as social obstacles.The overall aim of the project is that youth workers, and youth leaders gain knowledge about social inclusion and develop skills to facilitate active participation for all in rural youth organisations and in rural community.The objectives for the project is that the participants: - become aware of young people´s special needs related to physical and mental disabilities, as well as social obstacles, - gain knowledge about mechanisms and legislative frames for social inclusion in European countries,- gain skills to facilitate inclusive activities, and- plan how to multiply the gained competences in their own organisations and home communities.The small scale preparation meeting, A1, will be held 15-16 April 2016 in or near Oslo, Norway. The six participants of this meeting are the preparation team members for the seminar. They come from Norway, United Kingdom, Slovenia and Estonia. As hosts, the Norwegian meeting participants will manage the practical arrangements, but all will contribute to facilitating the meeting. The main method is group discussion, since the meeting is small and participants are few. The seminar A2 is the main activity of the project and it will be held 2-9 October at Gulsrud camp centre, Buskerud, Norway. The activity will involve 26 participants in the age 18-30 and 6 prep team members. The participants will come from 13 European countries; Norway, Ireland, United Kingdom, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Slovenia, Latvia, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Estonia and Hungary. Additionally we expect participants from Switzerland, but they will be funded nationally. The programme flow and activities will be based on the four H's in 4H (Clear head, warm hearth, practical hands and a good health), as reflected in the seminar name "Think, love, move, do", to get a "red thread" and progression through. We will use a wide variety of non-formal methods to meet different learning styles that that the participants may have.Impact on participants: - As youth workers and leaders, the participants will gain competences that are relevant for their tasks in the organisations. Most important are the knowledge, skills and attitude about theme mentioned in part E.2. These will allow them to take the lead in planning of activities that should be accessible by all kind of young people. - At the seminar the participants will meet colleagues working with similar tasks as themselves. The programme offers many opportunities to to share good practice and together reflect on common challenges in youth work. The intense interaction during the seminar will encourage the participants to continue the cooperation also after the activity.- Even if the participants are in the role of multipliers as youth workers and leaders, what they learn at the seminar is likely to be useful in their everyday life. They get a better understanding of inclusion issues, become more critical and aware of how people around them act and speak regarding the theme. Impact on the organisations involved:- The participants bring the gained competences from the seminar to their home organisations, so the organisations get better prepared to facilitate inclusive activities.- By becoming more inclusive, the organisations get potential to grow and to start new types of activities.- Continuous learning process in work life is important to keep up the quality of the work done. This seminar will encourage youth workers and leaders to do their work even better and thereby inspire also other workers. Wherever possible, the participants could arrange workshops in their organisations related to the seminar theme, and likely they multiply mainly their changed attitude in the organisations. - The seminar participants are as youth workers and leaders role models to many members in the organisations. Their deepen understanding of the theme and inclusive approach at work and everyday life will have a positive affect on the members, as well as others in the community.- By working together on this project, the cooperation between organisations get tighter and they can contact each other about sharing practice related to social inclusion or rural youth work in general. Impact on the preparation team is on similar areas as for the participants. Additionally they gain intercultural competences from working in an international team.The desired impact on local level is that the participants work as multipliers in their own communities, through empowering their peers or taking an active role in changing old/negative attitudes. By acting locally, we can create a difference in a wider context towards a more inclusive society.



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