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YW- Let's Get Visible
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 29 févr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project “Let’s Get Visible” is a Training – Seminar that was realized during 26th October to 4th November , 2015 in Vadul lui Voda, Moldova. The main goal of the project was to help youth workers discover new tools and competences in the field of social campaigns and promotion of their work. During the 9 days of activity 32 participants – youth workers working on different social issues in 8 countries – participated in workshops, open discussions, team-building activities concerning the topic of promotion using social media tools. They discovered how to use photo and videography, social media, street actions, flash mobs etc. to promote their work, raise awareness on social issues and attract more young people in the civic work. Here are the objectives of the project: -To create a platform of sharing and discussions between youth workers about promotional tools like: social media, photography, videos, flash mobs, exhibitions, fairs etc. -To raise awareness on the social issues relevant to the work of participants among them and their target groups using the multimedia tools of photography and videography; -To stimulate the sense of entrepreneurship and responsibility for their work among participants through the creation of new methods of stimulating the active work of young people. -To help youth initiate debate on the issues relevant to their local community using media, art and space; -To developing basic digital skills using a creative approach towards the art of photo and video activity by attending dynamic workshops and practical work in photography and videography; - To discover the Erasmus+ program and its advantages and to motivate participants to apply the acquired knowledge about Erasmus+ by creating future collaborations and projects. The participants have realized the following: - An online platform of sharing and discussions has been created where youth workers are being part of it and started discussions about promotional tools like: social media, photography, videos, flash mobs, exhibitions, fairs etc. The link to the platform is here: - An electronic guide was created by the participants that contain essential information about social media tools, best case practices, tips and advices from experts, basic photo and video knowledge. This tool was published online and can be found here: and also on the SALTO platform: - Participants started a social campaign in the capital of Moldova that consisted of a flash-mob in a central square with the message of being active in the society, afterwards they have spread leaflets and brochures with information about the project, the online platform and invitation to join the public event with photo and video exhibition. Also the social campaign started onliine with different posts about social media , videos and articles on web sites. - During the project participants created 6 video materials with different social topics. All the materials were published in the online platform, an youtube channel dedicated to the project and also were screened during the exhibition and public event. Here is the link of the Youtube channel: In the project were involved 32 active youth workers and youth leaders from NGO's, who are working in the fields of social media and social problems in their countries. Each partner organization selected 4 participants based on their skills and knowledge, resume and motivation. The participants were selected by partner organizations with different skills and knowledge, which are directed to: work with minorities, volunteering or promotion of activities in local NGO's. They were selected by their application, CV and online skype interview, that helped to assess real needs, experience and background of the participants and the relevance of the project to their future work. During the project were used Non-formal education methods, learning exercises, and best practices sharing. The learning style of this project was created in order to give importance to the subject of social media, providing them with platforms to share their successes and challenges they face with a global audience with a view to promoting intercultural dialogue and positive social change. Here are selected pictures of the project:



7 Participants partenaires