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YW-Inspire the Future
Date du début: 17 juin 2014, Date de fin: 16 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Inspire the Future" aims to enhance social inclusion of young people, tackling unemployment through social entrepreneurship. In order to reach their aim, the partners agreed that an enhanced organizational capacity is required. First of all, the partners argued the need of building social inclusive organizations that would be able to promote social entrepreneurship especially among the the groups of young people for whom is natural to become entrepreneurs. In order to respond to this need, the partners have find necessary to organize a training in order to give youth leaders tools to empower young women to take an active life in their life, but also communities life through social entrepreneurship. The Activity will be taken place in Republic of Moldova from between 20th and 29th September, 2014. Secondly, the partners argued the need of a strengthen organizational management, in order to secure the sustainability of the their youth work and quality management of their activities. In this regards, an advanced training on organizational management will be organized in Republic of Moldova from 30th September to 10th October 2014, giving youth leaders tools, methods and practices to regards of Organizational Strategies, Project Management, Fundraising and Financial Management. Thirdly, the partners argued the need of a strengthen partnership between NGO and private business sectors in order to promote social entrepreneurship among young people. In this regards, staff from NiTiN and staff from InterCollege, Denmark, will be conducting observation periods in each others organizations in order to get ,on one had, methods to promote social entrepreneurship among young people, and in particular young foreigners (InterCollege) and new insights on how social entrepreneurship is done (NiTiN). The observation periods (job shadowing) will last each for 15 days and will be conducted within October 2014 and March 2015. Furthemore, the partners argued that specific capacity is needed in order to build leadership in young people and enable them to lead social businesses in the local community, enhancing their active citizenship and social inclusion. In order to address this need, the partners found necessary to organize a training giving youth leaders necessary methods and insights in this regard. The training will be organized between the 16th and 26th of January, 2015 in Norway. Finally, the partners identified the need of strengthening their organizations capacity to respond to changes and challenges in local society through innovation and social entrepreneurship. A training giving youth leaders methods, tools and practices in this regard will be organized in Norway between 27 February - 8 March and 2015. The project has a holistic approach and strengthen the partners capacity to enhance social cohesion in Europe and contribute to the well being of young people. Apart of that, the project strengthen the cooperation between youth organizations and social enterprises in order to commonly address challenges of young people. Furthermore, throughout the project the partners will have the opportunity to work on concrete follow up projects through Erasmus+ programme ensuring the sustainability of the youth work and enhancing their European dimension.



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