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" Alliance for European Social Entrepreneurship"
Date du début: 7 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 6 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The youth workers and trainers of Bolboretas Vermellas Association want to undertake a project of social entrepreneurship in Galicia, in the small town of Vilar de Santos (Spain). Some of us have lived in this town for a lifetime and others of us have moved there recently, but we need to enable us as European youth workers to launch our dream, which is to transform the town hostel in a European Youth Development Centre and be able to help the youth of our region. We want to learn social entrepreneurship as youth workers, as trainers and mentors for young social entrepreneurs by providing them an alternative training to improve their employability and future prospects, especially in rural settings. We have the support of the City Town to carry out this project and transform the public hostel into a European Youth Development Centre. Thanks to our experience in study exchanges we have known entities from other countries that perform very similar projects, and we struck up a working relationship with them, so we propose a few days of training and networking of workers in the field of youth to learn through experience sharing. Together we designed the project " Alliance for European Social Entrepreneurship", whose main activity is a 5 days of formative sessions in Vilar de Santos (Galicia), which involve the youth workers of the 4 associations: Bolboretas Vermellas (Spain), Students & Youth Development Centre (Georgia), Scambieuropei (Italy), Euroteam (Turkey), Dobra Wola(Poland) and Reventus (Lithuania). May participate in 4 youth workers by each association shipping and 6 for the host entity, which makes a total of 26 youth workers, 15 of them with fewer opportunities (mainly geographical and economic) and 1 with Special Needs. The theme of our project will be a 5-day gymkhana, consisting of workshops, dynamic, and roll-playing games, to help us to learn for be the best youth workers. To overcome the gymkhana we must overcome trials and challenges they will face through non-formal and informal education. Each association is responsible for the preparation phase of preparing various stages of this activity (defining content, methodology and tools to use) the end of the gymkhana culminate in obtaining YOUTHPASS. The greatest impact of the project will occur at local and regional level where at the end of this project youth will have at their disposal a European Centre for Youth, a multi-disciplinary learning space that is capable of responding to their needs, mainly through training, employability and European mobility projects. But the Centres for Youth managing each of the participating associations will offer a better service once this project is completed through better training of youth workers who provide support to young people, in addition they will also initiate new projects because they have new European partners with whom to collaborate in the future. The national impact in the various participating countries will also be important since the project dissemination materials allow other youth leaders to know the idea and they will be able to replicate it. We would like these results, thanks to the guide, manual and videos that will be developed during the conference, to help launch similar Youth centres, as a project of social entrepreneurship, which also can give them future employment, providing services that now a days can affect young people in a decisive way, improving their training and employability. We also hope that this first project will lay the foundation of a larger and more stable partnership between International Youth Development Centres from different countries and other entities who carry out projects in this thematic join the network.



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