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Youthpean 2015-16
Date du début: 1 janv. 2015, Date de fin: 30 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

6 young volunteers from 4 different countries in Europe have been involved in 4 projects with different themes. 2 volunteers gained experiences and skills from working with young people, assisting teachers in classes or in social and sport activities, and with mainfocus on achieving new skills and experience in handball refereeing. 3 other volunteers gained new skills and experiences working with disabled and socially disadvantaged adults, assisting in workshops, cooking, baking, playing games, arranging activities(theater, creative workshops etc.) and trips. Finally one volunteer will work with environment, working in marine zoos, helping with the daily flow in the fishkitchen, mainteaneces and in time participate in the feedings/trainingsessions of the animals/fishes. All volunteers will integrate into the local culture and population, learn the local language and adjust as well as she can to habits and traditions. The main objectives of the project are to promote youth mobility, intercultural exchange and active citizenship amongst young Europeans. The volunteer’s learning process will be supported by practical training whenever needed, formal and informal discussions as well as weekly or monthly planning and sum-up meetings and furthermore by working with the Youthpass. Moreover, the volunteers will participate in the trainings and evaluation meetings offered by the Danish National Agency and camps/seminars arranged by Dansk ICYE. The project will be coordinated by Dansk ICYE, working in close cooperation with the host organisations. The volunteers will have an opportunity to use all his\her experience from the project, to create the active way of participation and develop competences which are important both as for personal as professional future. Moreover the volunteer will get a Youthpass Certificate which is recognized by the European countries and a useful contribution to the volunteer’s socialization and professional life. The ones in contact with the volunteer will learn about his/her culture of origin and thus raise awareness of cultural differences, as well as similarities and common challenges and possibilities within Europe promoting a European identity. This is for colleagues, hostfamilys and their friends, the children, youth and clients the volunteers will meet at the projects as well as personal contacts and friendships the volunteer will make during his/her stay. The volunteer will contribute as an extra source of practical support and inspiration in the everyday projects, tasks and initiavtives, which will further develope the activities and the organisations. Each participant will dissiminate the achieved experience in his /her own personal network. The volunteer will also serve as an ambassador for not only the Erasmus + Programme, but also the European Union itself.



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