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Youthinsight with youth inside
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project’s main idea is to gather a creative, conscious and energetic group of young people composed of representatives of different cultures with the main task of producing short audiovisual works that wield social, educational, professional and recreational values. The videos will be disseminated in electronic networks to reach the biggest audience with the aim of entailing knowledge, impact on attitudes, reflection in the end-receivers and informing about the efforts common Ukrainian civic society activists carry out. Along with this the team will organize off-line presentations of their work called “YouthInsight” at the venue of the project multiplying the impact and involving other youth groups from the local community. The project is embedded into the “Intercultural Youth Studio” ( working concept that aims at promoting youth media and civic journalism in particular. The project is expected to reach such objectives as: promoting media literacy and social journalism competence in the project participants; creativity and artistic expression; impacting the audience with the audiovisual materials’ messages, giving a chance to participants of speaking out on the topics of their concern, covering the work done by the civil society activists in Ukraine; intercultural dialogue in the multinational working team and in the local community; equipping participants with leadership, language and public deportment skills for their future professional careers; bringing Ukrainians closer into the European youth work dimension. The project will lead to a number of tangible and intangible results and its staple impact will lie in promoting media as a tool in youth work that is able to achieve a positive change in the society. The project’s visibility and its results exploitation are reinforced with the project’s sustainability – the long-term concept “Intercultural Youth Studio” will host in future more international youth initiatives based around youth media and sustainable development of small communities. In the current project the intercultural group will be composed of up to 3 European volunteers from different countries and local Ukrainian activists representing the receiving organization and its local partners.



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