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Date du début: 1 janv. 2015, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Ung Kultur i Stubbekøbing" was founded in August 2012 as a result of the exchange VIBES held by cultural community CultHus, but implemented on Stubbekobing school. We saw how important this project was for our young people and our city and we therefore started UKS for the following purposes: "Its aim is to organize local and international cultural projects in Stubbekoebing and involve young people from Stubbekoebing in cultural projects locally and abroad, thus making Stubbekoebing and Guldborgsund Municipality for a more exciting place to live for young people" "Youth4Com Forever" took place in the city of Stubbekoebing (Guldborgsund Municipality) with 51 participants in July 26th - August 2nd 2015 from LV, RO, SE and DK. In order to achieve our aim we have set the following objectives: 1. 51 young people from 4 countries will spend 6 days together in Stubbekoebing and will exchange on differences and similarities of their own cultures. 2. In 6 days they will work together both in mixed teams and as a whole group, in order to build one final performance show 3. They will acquire social and communication skills and improve their English 4. The participants will be involved in artistic activities, that is 3 workshops (led by professionals) on dance, music and circus. 5. The small local community will be visited for a week by 51 young people from 4 countries. Therefor it's important that the participants are aware of parts of the local history. To this introduction we will arrange a tour around the community. 6. Increased self-empowerment and self-esteem The program of the exchanges followed the general methodology of Drums for Peace, which offered creative /artistic workshops as a catalyst for communication and cooperation and by the end of the week are they were worked together into a performance, which was shown as street performances in Stubbekoebing by the Marina as well as at the KulturKlash-festival hosted by CultHus in Nykøbing. In our projects we focused on the involvement of the participants in the democratic and educational processes. Likewise, we emphasized the social aspects applicable to all in the era of mobile phones and virtual world influenced on social acceptance and identity, thus conscious personal development including time for reflection could happen. Cultural differences within the EU between the 'cold countries of the North' and more 'warm-blooded' in the Southwas also an important aspect. In UKS we constantly work vigorously to make Stubbekobing for less "peripheral Denmark" and a more attractive place to live and visit, and in this context, youth exchanges are very important, and this year, as a cultural 'lift-off' for the project, we had an art project, where the danish participants visualized their dreams and expectations put in an European perspective. The project was financed by local funds. We used following dissemination aspects: Our facebook page "Ung Kultur i Stubbekøbing" outside our organisation (WEB) Our facebook group "Youth4Com in Stubbekøbing" for the project participants (WEB) We contacted the newspapers of our region (MEDIA) Lecture Evening and Art-project with the young people before the project (EVENT) We find the longer term benefits to be: - young people who actively take part in the European community with insight into cultural similarities and differences - young people who easier achieves access to Higher Education with their Youthpass - attractive to be young in Stubbekoebing - cooperation with local organisations and inhabitants - cooperation with other cultural partners in our municipality - putting Stubbekoebing and Guldborgsund municipality on the map, and by that strengthening the interest for growth in the area. - strengthening tolerance and cultural understanding, international networking between young people in relation to education.



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