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Youth Workshop is the best, forget the rest
Date du début: 1 juil. 2015, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Technology develops quickly so youths use social media equipments. As a result of this type of communication among the youths changed. By making do only with social media equipment, youths prefer social media sociability to real sociability. Especially in Aybastı where have limited social activity and people that have lots of disabilities; youths became almost a slaver of technology. This situation effects the communications of youths in real life negatively. By the way the district of Aybastı wrote the project that is called “Youth workshop is the best, forget the rest!”, with cooperation of Georgia, Azerbaijan, Greece and Armenia by the coordination of host of district of Aybastı project contains 8 days mobility (24.10.2015-31.10.2015) . It begins on first of July 2015 and finishes in first of February 2016. It lasts 7 months. Target audience of our project youths whose ages between 18 and 29 that live in collective regions. Youths will be chosen from who are successful in social media sociability rather than real sociability. In this choice process priority is provided for youths who is unemployed, who have some disabilities and have limited opportunity. These collective countries take parts in the same project because their range of using social media are very similar according to the data of last quarter of the year 2013 Global Digital States Reports (average 2,5 hours a day). General aim of this project provide youths from different cultures an environment where they can do activities by means of democracy and human rights, they can develop the side of sociability, pair and group work, respect, entrepreneurial spirit, toleration, cooperation. Add to this youths will assimilate the active European Citizenship, gain consciousness of multicultur, develop the foreign language skills, develop self of confidence and raise effective communication. Specific aim of project is provide youths who became the slave of social media for activities (youth art, play, hobby, workshop). Besides the education of reading and writing social media youths can use social media effectively and correctly. In Aybastı there will be camp which will be established for 25 youths who will actively begining levels of activities like theatre, drama, photography, indoor-outdoor games, local and traditional games, nature sports, and art craft. At the end youths have an opportunity of exhibit of their works and outputs. This festival will be in city center on 29th of October 2015. This date is a national holiday for Turkey, so our project will reach wider amount of people. In this festival there will be a panel about reading and writing of social media because of the national holiday panel will be crowded in city center. This activities that youths are actively involved, will affect the neighbor of Aybastı like Samsun, Ordu, Fatsa...outputs of these youths will directly or indirectly effect their environment, so youths in close environment will be secondary beneficiary. Thanks to this project target audience and secondary beneficiaries will recognize the extreme use of social media damages real sociability. Youths will learn use opportunities rather than produce excuse. If we look from the side of Aybastı that haven't got any experiences as a coordinator, host, or partner in European Union Projects. It will be a milestone for this small city where lots of youths live who have limited opportunity for sociability. At the end of this project participants will gain experiences in effective communication in different cultures. Youths will develop their language skills. They will have awareness in Erasmus+ program and citizenship of Europe. Youths will develop consciousness, emotional, physichomotor abilities by common and private methods in workshop. By the peer education methods youths will be model effect the youths in environment. In the long term our project will be model to who have researches and works about this actual and international problem today.



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