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Youth workers united through intercultural dialogue
Date du début: 1 févr. 2016, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project Youth workers united through intercultural dialogue is an initiative based on a strong partnership between two member organizations of Black Sea NGO Forum - Asociatia EIVA from Romania and National Council of Youth from Republic of Moldova. The project aims to develop the intercultural competency among youth workers in Moldova and Romania and encourage knowledge and experience transfer based on good case practices.In the context of the globalization the intercultural competences are a core set of tools necesary for personal and profesional integration. The main activity of the project is a youth workers training mobility: 20 youth workers, including 2 trainers/facilitators will participate to a training course focused on developing a proper set of competences related to the intercultural aspects of youth workers daily activity. The project’s objectives are:- By the end of the project, 20 youth workers from Moldova and Romania will increase their level of knowledge and understanding of intercultural education and will generate opportunities for cooperation in the field.- By the project's end the participants will create a network of resource people in the development of intercultural education based on non-formal approach. - By the end of the project the participants will elaborate a plan for the development of intercultural education in youth centers which will also describe the role of the youth worker in this process. The participants in the training will be selected through an open recruitment process and the activity will involve 20 youth workers from Romania and Republic of Moldova.The mobility activity will be hosted in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova between 3rd - 10 th of July 2016.The methodology proposed emphasize the non formal education techniques.The project will develop the intercultural competences producing a better approach regarding intercultural activities with the target groups from the youth worker's communities.We envisage impact on 3 levels in both project countries: participants, youths and community members were the youth workers activate:1. Raising awareness and knowledge on sensitive issues such as: cultures, cohabitation, stereotypes, prejudgements, cultural differences2. Increasing the interest of youths on approaching the interculturality3. Increasing the cooperation degree between members representing different cultures from Romanian and Moldovan communities4. Reducing discrimination and intolerance based on cultural appartenanceBeside the competences related to the main topic of the project - intercultural education, we aim to strengthen the relationship between Romanian and Moldovan organisation active in the youth field, as well as to produce a real ransfer of good practice between the participation organisation and to identify ideas and thematics for a future cooperation.



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