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Youth Workers in Action
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 1 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project was born from the needs identified by several youth and volunteering organisations of having the opportunity to create new partnerships and belong to a network of youth organisations. Many youth workers in Europe are looking for an occasion to meet other people working in the same field and to share their practice; unfortunately they lack financial resources and time to do so, because youth work is very demanding. Therefore, our organisation, in constant cooperation with our close partners, decided to create this opportunity through a project of international seminar of youth organisations. The 7-day seminar that will be held in Brussels in October 2015 will consist in a real intercultural exchange between youth workers from different countries, including Mediterranean and East-European countries which will be more integrated in European projects. The main aim of the project is to share good practices and discuss about challenges concerning local and international youth work through voluntary activities. Youth participation and the place of youth organisation in the society will be the main topics of the seminar. The participants will exchange their experience and competences in youth work, youth exchange, volunteering project, EVS… The geographical diversity of the participants will bring a plurality of opinions and constructive debates. The participants are expected to build new cooperation together, to promote their work practices and build innovative one, to promote voluntary work and mobility programmes in Europe and to design a common frame of reference regarding volunteering activities and non-formal competences. Various working methods will be used during the seminar, and the participants will use the European certificates to assess the different aspects of youth and voluntary work. Sharing experiences and competences together will help them improving the quality of youth work through the exchange of tools and methods that were proved to be successful in the work with youth. Finally, the seminar will have a focus on the inclusion of youth with fewer opportunities in mobility projects. Thanks to this seminar, the participants will be expected to change some of their work practices by comparing with other organisations’ practices, picking the one that will have been proven the most successful after the exchange of good practices. Youth work will be reinforced and the participants will be more aware of their power of social change by comparing the youth sectors in different countries. The participants will also benefit from a new network of youth organisations with whom they will start new joint projects.


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