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Youth with a Future
Date du début: 20 oct. 2014, Date de fin: 30 mars 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Youth Exchange "Youth with a Future" will gather 40 young people and group leaders from Bulgaria,Latvia,Romania and Turkey countries based in with the aim to tackle the issue of Youth Unemployment.The main aim of the exchange is to tackle youth unemployment problem, inform, motivate and enable young people to work on the topic in their countries as well as equip them with experience, knowledge and skills to easily involve in labor market. The Project targets young unemployed people who want to start working and find a job. Our activities will be CV and Motivation Letter writing techniques,how to be a leadership and entrepreneurship activity, Hints to pass a Job Interview, how to use Volunteerism as a way to the labor market, what is YouthPass, how to get a Europass Language Passport, and it will be last with a theater workshop and performance about the problems of unemployements.In our project participants will learn different cultures from the representing countries, and they gain more understanding each other and also thanks to our project at first participants will feel as a citizen and as well as feel as EU citizens.They will feel like that because they will make real these project activities together and also they will support each other in the activities. All these youngs from different cultures and different countries will make small groups and will take part in the workshop activities together.During the activities, group leaders and trainers will evaluate the process of the project.The activities will take place in AmasyaTurkey in October for nine days between 08-16 October 2014. we will share our gains on all organization's web site and publish some brochures and posters and booklets to disseminate the results of the projects also those volarization activities will be done in the partner countries as well as the organizations.



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