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Youth Voice
Date du début: 1 mai 2016, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

he partners of this projects believe that poverty and social exclusion does not necessary come from only lack of financial resources, social obstacles, health problems or cultural differences. Poverty and social exclusion often arises from our personal restraints to identify and seize opportunities and ability to stand up against the pressures in society to actively participate.To be able, to contribute at achieving the headline targets of European strategies concerning the sustainable and equitable growth, as well the well-being of youth, the partners see the need of raising marginalized young people from their insecurities, strengthening their self-awareness and stimulating their active participation in the society, in essence giving them a voice.From this regards, the partners aim with this project to support marginalized young people in realising their full potential and strengthening their participation in the local society.To attain this aim, the partners have agreed on the following objectives:1. To empower a group of 30 marginalized young people from the United Kingdom and The Republic of Moldova to realize their full potential and enhance their active citizenship1.1 To give participants possibility to reflect upon and explore their potential and self-value;1.2 To promote active citizenship and give participants opportunity to make a difference for their peers;1.3 To create an “expectation free zone” for participants to regain self-confidence and self-esteem. 1.4 To give participants the opportunity to explore and discover a reality beyond their home environments1.5 To offer participants an awareness that they can have a voice in the wider society2. To develop strategies and share best practices in initiatives for fostering inclusive youth participation2.1 To share and explore different perspectives of youth participation from Europe and neighbouring countries2.2 To gain best practices in youth participation initiatives and actions in Europe and explore their wider impact2.3 To develop tools for evaluating youth participation practices of organisations2.4 To develop a local and international youth participation future strategy2.5 To meet and set up partnerships with different stakeholders that are working with marginalized young people;2.6 To ensure the project follow-up. In order to achieve these objectives, two mobility activities are planned, a Youth Exchange in Moldova consisting of 30 marginalised youth and a Seminar in The United Kingdom consisting of 30 youth workers, managers and experts. Further to the planned mobilities,national dissemination campaigns will be implemented in the UK and Moldova after the youth exchange, whereby the participants of the exchange will visit a minimum of 5 schools or organisations and present their experience and learning outcome. The dissemination campaign will further contribute to reaching the objectives.This project encourage participation and empowerment by creating an opportunity for 30 marginalized youth to engage directly as agents of change. This experience will result in long term changes for these young people as they gain confidence, experience, and inspiration to be actively engaged local society. Through the seminar, participants will be directly involved in the development of common strategies for promoting youth participation, ensuring they have a strong belief in those strategies, and a strong sense of responsibility in ensuring their fulfilment.The desired impact of this project on a European level is primarily a common effort and sense of responsibility to reach the targets of EU2020, and ET2020, alongside fulfilling the EU member states responsibility to work towards reaching internationally agreed ambitions such as the UN's sustainable development goals.



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