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Youth Training Madeira III
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The "Youth Training Madeira III" project is conceived as a continuation of the excellent cooperation developed in recent years between the city of Alzira and the Association of Students of the University of Madeira.The Youth Training Madeira III project aims intercultural learning of young people, facilitating joint activities of young people of different nationalities in different cultural environments. The project includes the participation of one unemployed young.The project tasks include supporting young people in their educational process through intercultural experiences with students from other countries of the University of Madeira, as well as working with youth at risk of social exclusion through social activities of Associação Académica da Universidade da Madeira, which aims to help young people with learning disabilities in different training centers linked to universities and the regional government of Madeira.In this perspective, volunteers will participate in the daily activities of the association, such as support for other youth involved in training university studies. The volunteer will also have the opportunity to participate in the "History Tellers" a project that involved the University of Madeira, the association of students. The project objective is to open the University of Madeira through the enhancement of the cultural heritage of the building "Jesuit School of Funchal", today the rector of the University of Madeira and until the twentieth century was the largest building built on the island, besides being the first building outside Europe by the company of Jesus. The project seeks to value the cultural heritage of the University of Madeira through visits, guides, exhibitions, seminars ...... participate by young students of the university, national and international cultural richness of Madeira .The activities planned include: Collaborate with the "Jesuit College Funchal" support athletics activities, support in editing academic journal JA, and assist in the activities of the organization.



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