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Youth Training and Resource for Energizing the Employability
Date du début: 16 juin 2014, Date de fin: 15 janv. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The "Youth TREE" project will take place in Istanbul, Turkey between the dates of 11-20 September, 2014 with the participation of 50 young people from 23 different countries (youth workers, trainers and experts) and facilitators, speakers and various actors. Within the scope of the project, the problem of youth unemployment and its solutions will be discussed together with young people from 23 different countries from Europe, Africa, Balkans, Caucasus, Asia and the Middle East and these young people are going to be trained on the important issues regarding carrier planning and especially innovative ideas in the field of enterpreneurship through workshops, thematic sessions and discussions to be held. Participants will discuss about the ways of acualizing their business ideas during group works, create a business plan and their businesses and present these ideas to senior managers of international companies operating in Istanbul. In addition to this, they will meet inspirational enterpreneurs who are very successful in their fields during the field visits and will have the chance to ask questions about the subjects they are curious about. The greatest outcome and effect of our project in the long-term is a non-profit; education, job and carreer portal VEA "Virtual Enterpreneurship Assistant" that we have planned to create. Although it differs from one country to another, unemployment is today's biggest problem. A free content will be provided to young people about these issues via this portal and in time, a multinational portal will be actualized with administrators from different countries. Participants will start this process in their home countries preparing country presentations on youth unemployment in their countries and share them with the other participants during the project activities. Also, the participants will make street interviews with the questions that we will prepare all together about unemployment in their own languages and present them. After the project which in a way will be similar to a training of trainers, the participants will share the knowledge, skills and competences with other young people in their countries and many young people will benefit from the content of our project this way. During the project, non-formal education will be used and the all the participants will be active through workshops and various intercultural learning activities. When the fact that the participants will come from 20 different countries considered, the project will be a good example of participation and intercultural dialogue that are the source of our association's name. Youth TREE project will give great clues to its young participants that they can use for their carreers against youth unemployment, the most important problem of young people, and it will be conducted in an innovative, creative and inclusive way in accordance with Erasmus + Programme spirit.



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