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Youth Peacebuilders Multipliers
Date du début: 15 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 14 nov. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Europe get questioned every day. Moreover, such symptoms can be recognized: a decline in turnout and other forms of political participation, policy making that is increasingly detached from ordinary citizens and their preference, as well as erosion of trust in government and satisfaction with democracy among citizens. With the project Youth Peacebuilders Multipliers (YPbM) we are aiming to empower young people to play a stronger role in advocating and educating for democracy and active citizenship both on a local and on an European level. We would like to show that democracy is about far more than just voting and encourage young people to take an active role in their communities and in a common Europe.The aim of the project is to equip young people with competences to be actors and multipliers of building and sustaining strong democratic systems across Europe.Our more specific objectives are:- to gain a better understanding of democracy and its forms and the importance of youth participation in democratic institutions,- to equip young activists with off-line and on-line tools to strengthen democracy both on a local and European level,- to strengthen a value-based European citizenship and the feeling of responsibility and solidarity towards different European communities,- to reinforce cooperation and to empower youth organizations across Europe coming from communities with different democratic traditions by training their active members to advocate for democratic values within their community and act as multipliers,- to use, exchange, create and promote innovative tools to strengthen democratic values in European communities.-to ensure sustainable impact and a high level of youth participation in European democracies.The project targets as direct participants 27 youth workers- multipliers between the age of 18-33 comming from communities in Europe in which the need of improving democracy was recognised. Participants are expected to have some experience in youth work and be involved in a local organization. The indirect target group of the projects are members of the oganisations of the participants, their peers, participants of the local actions, users of online tools and the intellectual outputs, as well as various stakeholders (policy makers, municipalities, regions, schools, regional or local youth councils).During the whole project the role of young people in strenghtening democracy and acting as multipliers.Two residential seminars (Poland and Spain) will ensure interactive space to keep in contact betweeen the participants, exchange practives while also receiving support for common and individual projects.The expected result of the project is a group of 27 trained youth activists-multipliers who will be able to act locally, support each other through online tools and promote the values of democracy and human rights. The participants will not only be able to act, but will be expected also to multiply their knowladge by getting active within their local communities and passing on their knowladge. Participants will also have the space to develop a set of innovative practices which will be also implemented by the participants in their local communities. Mentioned above practices would be also dessiminated and implemented by the current.The outcome of the project will be also a creation of the intellectual output - Online platform of Young Peacebuilders Multipliers. The platform will be a combination of a regular website and several new media tools which will ensure the fulfillment of its objectives. There will be a space for stories, democratict metods, peer-to-peer learnine and creative ideas using and developing the media literacy among participants. The impact of the project is stronlgy connected with the multiplying effect emboddied in all its activities. We envision that the participants will internalize and represent the democratic values and ideas for active participation in all sphere of life. We envision impact both on local as well as international level. On a local level the project will include a number of youth (also from disadvantaged background) as participants in projects discussing democratic values and European citizenship. On a interntational level, the project will initiatie discussion finding solutions to the nowadyas democractic recession on a bigger scale. As several new media tools will be used, many discussions and outcomes will be accessible from everywhere. Benefits of long period of the project are expected to happen as the tools and the European examples can be used on an international level. The intellectual output will support the accessibility of the results of the project making it's impact wider and lasting. We believe that the participants of the project, together with the memebrs of the YPA network will strive for promoting democracy and good governance of the highest quality, nationally, regionally and locally for all the citizens.



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