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Youth participation in democratic life: Empowering young people to realise their rights as EU citizens in influencing global issues
Date du début: 3 août 2015, Date de fin: 2 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Today, 50% of the world‘s population is under 25; young people represent the largest generation in history; a diverse group of people with different needs, skills and aspirations. Despite this, young people, including youth in the UK, are rarely seen in political leadership positions and are generally marginalised from policy making processes. Despite their passion to make a difference, they often lack the knowledge or opportunities to engage with decision makers. In order to empower these young people to use their position as EU citizens to influence policy there is a need to increase their knowledge of the impact of EU policies, and to provide them structured opportunities to participate in decision making processes at the EU level through meet with decision makers to share their views as citizens on policies affecting the world around them. Building on Restless Development’s 30 years of experience in empowering young people to participate in decision making processes and in line with EU’s youth strategy of ‘Youth and the world’, the proposed action will build the youth participants’ expertise in EU processes, enabling their active engagement in the decisions which impact the lives of young people in the EU and around the world through engaging young people in understanding the global issue of HIV/AIDS. Policy makers will hear directly from young people and will have the opportunity to explain to the participants their responsibilities and EU institutional perspectives on policy decisions. Through facilitated workshops and youth expert led training, young people participating in this project will develop a clear understanding of the impact of EU policies on young people in the developing world. Through a facilitated process they will develop agreed asks for changes in EU policy that impact on the lives of young people, and will meet to discuss their ideas with policy makers in order to influence the decision making processes. Through a series of both formal and informal regional participatory consultations and meeting with decision makers including Members of the UK and European Parliaments, the project aims to achieve the following specific Objective: ‘Young people in the UK are empowered to engage in structured dialogue with European and National decision makers on EU policies that impact the lives of young people in the developing world.’ This objective will be achieved through the realisation of the following three outcomes: • Expected outcome 1: Young people in the UK have increased knowledge of the global impact of EU policies. • Expected outcome 2: Young people in the UK are equipped with the skills and competences to effectively engage with EU structures using their role as citizens in influencing policy. • Expected outcome 3: Young people in the UK voice their own views and the views of their peers to decision makers through structured dialogue. To ensure equality and effective participation, the project will use an inclusive approach targeting a diverse group of young people including those with fewer opportunities such as those who come from low economic backgrounds, those with additional support needs, and those with disabilities.. The project will ensure these young people are offered the opportunity and extra support they may need to participate in the project through paying for travel and costs of engagement, ensuring language and activities are accessible.