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Youth on Stage
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

We are planning to carry out our Youth Exchange Project called “Youth On Stage” between 15 – 22 May 2016. In the Project, Turkey, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, Lithuania, Romania and Greece will take place as partners. Including team leaders, totally 38 participants will participate in.The aim of our Project is to create an intercultural learning process for the youth, to break down the prejudices among them, to instill art love, to provide them for learning different countries and their arts and their perspectives to art throughout theatre performances prepared with drama technics.The objectives of our projects;- To enhance knowledge and experiences of the youth about intercultural learning skills and drama techniques,- To provide the youth for breaking down their prejudices and stereotypical understandings against each other,- To provide intercultural dialogues and tolerance among the youth and generalize it- To strengthen the mutual understanding and tolerance among the youth coming from different countries against racism and ethnocentrism- To emphasis on being together in a variety in order to make European Citizenship understood better,- To build bridge among cultures, to encourage European cooperation to have the new cooperation,- To provide Erasmus + projects to be generalized, to improve mobility among the youth,- To strengthen social attendance and active citizenship of the youth- To develop the knowledge, skill and ability of the youth about dramaTo allow people from different countries, different cultures and different religious to break down their prejudices against one another, we will carry out performance including prejudice and cultural diversity themes. Theatre performances will include clichés and prejudices of the other partner countries. Our participants will share their own cultural elements with the others and work out improving European citizenship. In frame of our Project, some activities will be carried out such as theatre performances with drama techniques, visiting rector ship, paneling with university clubs representatives, cultural activities in the youth centers, workshops, discussion sessions, role games and intercultural nights, etc.In our Project, non-formal education methods will be used and activities with drama technics will mainly be performed by the participants.



6 Participants partenaires