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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

" Youth, Multilingualism and Work Perspectives in Europe " is an association formed by six secondary schools located in areas with high unemployment rate . It involves students aged 12-16. We set as our goal to provide our students with a comprehensive understanding of the European labor market and skills they will need for their future careers. It seems, this future will be challenging because these skills change quickly, so teachers must adapt to new technologies and knowledge of foreign languages. In this context the project is structured in three main areas: Research of the European labor market, using free online resources and new technologies, and implementation of CLIL methodology. Our plan of activities includes among others: e-book with CLIL lessons (Science, new technologies, etc.). European labor market research in different fields. Development curriculums (Europass format), video resumes, letters of application and portfolio. Business: Visit and practices. Visits by representatives of public employment agencies. Work fair, educational coaching workshop, visits to universities, etc. The project will promote collaborative work through platforms like TwinSpace and google drive, where students and teachers can carry out work together and organize meetings online. In the mobilities to the different countries, students will present their tasks and teachers will provide the CLIL lessons developed. All results of the project: e-book, presentations, videos, etc will be available on the websites of all institutions, the project website and TwinSpace. The dissemination plan includes press releases in regional media and a press conference at the last meeting. So that schools around us will be aware of our work and freely available resources. We expect our schools to benefit long term with more teachers motivated to learn new techniques, more digital resources and students with greater linguistic and digital skills . The details of the project are available on



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