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Youth MObility for Development and Empowerment II
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Youth Mode II is the second edition of a previous successful project and it aims to give sustainability to activities already implemented in Palermo in which the presence and contribution of international volunteers has been an added value. That is the main reason to continue to host volunteers in Palermo: to offer at volunteers, real learning opportunities and offer at the local community and at CESIE itself a variety of intercultural experiences, contributions and innovation. Y- Mode II will involve 10 volunteers from Greece, Spain, France, Belgium and Portugal that will live 9 months of EVS experience in CESIE. They will be directly involved in several local and international activities CESIE is running aiming to foster social inclusion of vulnerable groups. Specifically CESIE activities include: preparation of training modules addressed to migrant young people; support staff during the local & international trainings; implementation of workshops addressed to migrant children, families and local staff + participation to dissemination EVS and mobility opportunities events etc. Activities have been previously designed and structured to allow volunteers to contribute and learn at the same time. According to the profile and the learning needs of volunteers, among the set of activities designed, a tailor made work program will be established. At the first round, 3 partners (Greece, Portugal, France) will send 3 volunteers with fewer opportunities & at 2nd round, two partners will send (Belgium & Spain) 2 volunteers with fewer opportunities. The 5 volunteers with fewer opportunities face economical, geographical and educational obstacles. Some of them come from cultural minority, migrant background at risk of social exclusion. For them CESIE has set up a reinforced mentorship: mentors high qualified will accompany them to this new experience abroad supporting and assisting them in all phases they will cross. CESIE will be the Coordinating and Receiving organization while all the partners will assume the role of Sending organization. The main methodological approaches will be based on:Experiential learning - the so-called "learning from experience” - living and volunteering abroad, facing challenging and managing daily life is one of the best ways for learning and growing up.Cooperative learning – volunteers will work together and with local staff and every day they will experience working in a group for reaching common goals.Peer learning - activities will allow participants to learn from each other, transferring good practices, experiences and knowledge, i.e. between EVS volunteers and local volunteers or during the Info day organised by CESIE, volunteers will promote EVS opportunities to other peer. Volunteers will be invited to attend trainings organised by CESIE on innovative methodologies which are creative thinking, conflict transformation & critical incidents. This part will represent a further step in the volunteers’ learning pathThe main beneficiaries of the learning process will be the volunteers. In a period of 9 months they will be part of the everyday activities of an international organization that links local and international activities in a foreign country. They will be involved in a structured learning process, focusing on improving and/or acquiring new skills as sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, communication in foreign languages, social and civic competences, and cultural awareness and expression. A strong impact will be on CESIE that has been working with volunteers since 2008 and it will not be an exaggeration if we say that it grew thanks to the active assistance of European, local and international volunteers. CESIE acknowledges the significance of constant enrichment of ideas, new ways of thinking and different points of view offered by the volunteers.Through the participation of the volunteers- the work techniques will acquire universality enriched by their own imagination and creativity and all inputs and inspirations they will take from their daily work, thus, sending organisations would benefit of them and they will be at disposal of other interested organizations and parties in general. Finally, Youth Mode II project has been designed as an answer to a profound need at local level – namely as a point of interference and interaction of young people coming from different countries and migrant and local communities. Young migrants and children of migrant families will be included in local activities with EVS volunteers and local peers by designing and getting involved into the activities foreseen. Teenagers from a disadvantaged district of Palermo will be included in some of the activities run by CESIE. The project will come to enrich the experiences of both target groups by putting them to work together sharing experiences, cultures, discovering soft skills and acquiring new ones.



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