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Youth Megaphone: the decision-makers of the future
Date du début: 29 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 28 avr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

“YouthMegaphone: decision-makersof the future"is a project presentedby the Cultural AssociationBios based in Messinaandinvolvesfiveforeign partnersfrom 5 different countries: Spain, Greece, Turkey, TunisiaandSerbiaand3Italian entities: University ofMessina, the Municipality of Naplesand the Cultural Association “We@Europe”of Naples. The project will start on September 2015 and the end is provided for April 2017, the overall duration is of 19 months. It foresee a preparatory stage where the partners will carry out meetings called "local working group” and two transnational meetings to be held in Messina, where will be dealt with the issues of youth employment and opportunities for education / training. The preparation of this project started from an obvious fact: young people are the social actors who express in a more ambitious and idealistic way concepts related to democratic participation but, at the same time, they represent the category that, more than others, expresses its disaffection for the political world. The youth, however, present themselves as social actors that youth policies should be targeted for their involvement in decision-making; they should establish itself as a real resource in which to invest, without neglecting their role as citizens aware, critical and active participants in the development of society. The Youth policies should be targeted to young people, and should have as main goal to guarantee their involvement in decision making process. Young people represent a real resource in which to invest for the development of the society. The main goal of the project is to bridge the deep gap that separates young people from institutions. It is necessary to create a solid foundation for creating a synergistic, interactive and continued relationship between youths and policy makers. Young people during the realization of the project, will have the opportunity to experience forms of interaction both among themselves and with policy makers and discuss on issues that affect them personally. The first step to gain attention to someone is involving them in activities that are related to them; for this reason project’s activities will be based on: youth unemployment, non-formal and informal education as the way to improve personal and professional life of young people and the increase of their competivity in their labor market, related to the knowledge of Erasmus+ program and the opportunities it brings. The central events are two transnational seminars involving a total of 49 youngsters aged between 18 and 25 selected by each partner and 19 helpers (7 youth leaders and 12 decision makers). So every event will mobilize 68 people involved in the project. Cultural Association Bios, as the applicant, will organize and coordinate the events with the participation of its entire staff. During the events interaction and confrontation among the participants will be led through the strategies of non-formal education. Transnational seminars represent a very important moment for youngsters that will participate because they will experience an intercultural environment, they will try their linguistic skills, they will know other ways of thinking; all this will represent certainly an opportunity for improvement and development both in terms of personality and of knowledge and expertise. This process will interest also decision makers and youth leaders that will improve their knowledge and skills about group working, communication strategies and it will help them to be more accommodating and sensitive for resolving local problems. The aim of the project is to make aware the youngsters of democratic participation and to create the conditions for a permanent dialogue between them and political institutions. Dynamism and exchange that will characterize the meeting between youngsters and decision makers, want to be a particular element of this relationship well beyond the temporal and physical line of the project, as a practice in politics and in the institutions. In general the use of social networks and of online means will guarantee the spread of the project and of its results permitting a huge impact in the society.



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