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Youth Meeting 2015: Different traditions - One Europe
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

We are youth from parish of Jičín. We meet each other regularly, we organise different events in our community and we help each other. Since 2000 there has been organised international meetings, where youth groups from Jičín, Erbach (Germany) and Santiago da Guarda (Portugal) meet to discuss and learn about different topics, such as poverty in Africa, environment, demographic changes etc. Every year the meeting is organized by one of the three groups in their hometown. Due to organization problems, this year german group will not participate. Participants are slowly exchanging as well younger people join our group. Participants are in age between 17 and 30. Total amount of participants is about 30. Our group includes students, working youth, technicians and artists, that is why everyone is needed during organisation and can realize and develop own skills. There will be also our disabled friend between participants. We have started with organization of Youth Meeting 2015 last year and we chose topic: „Different traditions – one Europe“, especially traditions of our own countries. We would like to show traditional celebration of holidays such as Easter, Christmas, but we also want to share our traditions in education, sport, families or classical dances. Portuguese group will prepare own workshops, where they show us their traditions and habits during the holidays and they also present their national cuisine. Czech cuisine will be not only presented but moreover we will have an excursion to Hořice, where are produced traditional czech biscuits. The aim of our meeting is to deepen reverence for our own culture and to learn to be proud of it. Together we want to get to know different culture, understand it and make new friends. Next goal is to learn to cooperate in international team,to present and increase self-confidence and courage to get through more difficult obstacles. Developing key competences and gaining new experiences will help to participants in personal life and career. Results of the project will be presented in happening for public and other publicity will be provided through newspapers and internet.



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