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Youth Marketing Leaders
Date du début: 5 janv. 2013,

Youth Marketing Leaders project will take place in Vinica, R. Macedonia from 5rd of May till 14th of April 2013. The project will host 37 young people (age 18 to 25) who are coming from 6 different countries: Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania and Serbia. Marketing Gate, as a hosting organization will implement the activity in Vinica, R.Macedonia. During 8 days of the project the participants will be involved in different types of intercultural activities, marketing and advertising activities. The main focus of the cultural activities will be set on discovering the local nature and heritage by making 3 marketing/advertising projects. The educational part of the project will be comprised of trainings and workshops about guerilla marketing as a tool for entrepreneurship and active participation as well as non-formal methods such as intercultural evenings, visiting local factories and having daily contacts with the local youth. This project is coming after 3 national project with the same theme, this is first time that we are organizing this project international. The main aim of this exchange is to learn more about eco-marketing and visual arts through partnership building and intercultural learning activities and sessions about YIA Programme as a tool which helps the youngsters to find and creates better opportunities. Nowadays, the Marketing has very important role in the Daily life, especially eco-marketing, and guerilla marketing letting young people to express their creativity. We will give them a chance to learn how to make their own work appreciated and worth, to enhance creative and leadership abilities and to encourage self-initiative and self-employment as well as appreciating the nature on a local and international level.



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