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Youth Leaders 4.0
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Youth Leaders 4.0” is the training course that will bring together 27 participants - staff members of NGOs working with young immigrants in Austria, Armenia, France, Poland, Germany, Belarus, Georgia and Ukraine. It will take place in Vienna in September 2016. The methods of non-formal education and experiential learning will be used during the course. We will focus as much as possible on learning by doing principle to enable participants to use web design and other IT tools. The main language of the course will be English. The main objectives of the training are: - To raise awareness about European values, such as Human rights, Human dignity, inclusion, democratic participation and active citizenship- provide staff members of youth NGOs who work with and within immigrant communities with necessary IT and content building skills needed to create a one-stop-shop on-line platform that generates content on immigrant inclusion and integration created by various members of immigrant communities, - to encourage participants to use existing IT tools for realization of projects fostering inclusion of young immigrants,- to engage youth and enhance the development of their key competences in IT and online content building with the purpose to improve their employment perspectives. The expected impact on participants is development of their digital competence, namely using IT tools for communication, involvement of young people and collaborative work and managing youth projects; rising awareness about the European values; development of communication skills online, particularly written communication in foreign language and in mother tongue. Moreover the participants will be able to enhance their skills in IT and in particular in using WordPress and Drupal Themes for blogs and online managazine creation. These skills are very relevant nowadays will be useful for the further employment perspectives of the participants. The expected impact of the project on local level is that young people will become more active in their local communities. Especially this concerns youth members with immigrant background who use digital tools everyday and will be most likely to collaborate on the content for the local portals. In such a way local immigrant communities will be able to find information on local rules and procedures much quicker and easier which will speed-up the process of including them as a part of the national community on one hand and (by promoting European values) pan-European community on the other hand.



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