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Youth involve in Europe
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

As « Comité Ufcv » we accompanied the structuring of this exchange to answer of this desire of collaboration with BalkanKids in Varna. The groups agreed to devote this exchange to the youth engagement in Europe and their place in the society through their own collective’s experiences. Also, this exchange will permit to put in contact French youth group and Bulgarian youth group “the Dolphins”, involve in BalkanKids, particulary on actions for one orphanage. We will manage the exchange to permit a progression of the group (36 young of France and Bulgaria, 14/17 years old, mixt group) to move towards an intercultural meeting awareness, the question of the stereotypes, representations, then the engagement notion, help and donation (with a critic point of views on the wicked effect that we can observe). The basis of this week will permit a balance between ludic times facilitating the meeting, the reflection times, to do all together in non-formal learning process and restitution. The week will be punctuate with production times in little group, evaluations and debriefings. The animations will permit to discover the engagements of the others young and their place in their City. All along this exchange, all the productions will be accumulate for a boosting on the last day thanks to a “common market”, it will a public event (inside or outside) between exhibition and performance, to present the Erasmus+ youth program, the results and productions of the exchange. This day could give some perspectives for maybe a new exchange?The “Common market” will be keep by the French group to expose it their villages in France, to assure a good promotion and to diffuse the results and to increase the effects.



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