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Youth In Parliament
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

If we look at the Youth Policy in the European countries which has been released to ensure active participation of young people in Democratic life and Promoting is one of the essential titles and again, that ratio has close to zero for young people in decision-making in Europe is also an indisputable fact .Young people who can not take part in decision-making mechanism do not believe in the decisions taken on behalf of themselves are sincere. From this point in our project we keep our young people together with decision makers in order to produce solutions, to discuss the causes of the problem and to allow them to take a more active role in the policy produced for themselves. Accordingly, main aim of our project ‘Youth in Parliament' designed by European Union Office of Balıkesir Governorate is to make a contribution towards increasing youth’s representation rate in both national assemblies and the European Parliament, and realistically realising tens of youth policies which have been prepared until now. We believe that giving our youth the right to speak, and asking for their opinion in shaping the future are their basic rights. A total of 59 youngsters, 51 from 17 different countries, and 14 from our country; and a total of 30 decision-makers from Private Sector, and Non-governmental Organisations, participated in our project.Mainly Non-Formal Education Methods were used during our 9-days-long activities which will take place in Balıkesir - Ayvalık Cunda Haliç Park Hotel. As a part of our activities starting from Wednesday, the youngsters will get prepared for meetings with decision-makers during two days after they meet with each other. Before the meetings, the youngsters will share with other participants the youth policies in their countries, young people’s participation in democratic life together with statistical data and good practices; all together they will decide on their expectations, strategic suggestions, solution proposals, and topics and priorities to be discussed in the meetings; thus they will have the opportunity to meet decision-makers on Friday. Moreover, formal opening of our project is going to be on Friday. Open Space Technology Method was used in the meetings between decision-makers and youngsters starting from Friday afternoon. This method, which enables shared decision making in especially crowded meetings, also ensures that all participants take responsibility. After the meetings and the prepared reports, workshops will begin; then declarations to be presented to the European Parliament, National Assemblies, Non-Governmental Organisations and Private Sector will be prepared. These declarations and a leaflet explaining our project activities will be compiled in a book by our Project Team; and this will be presented to the European Parliament, Non-Governmental Organisations, Private Sector Representatives, Grand National Assembly of Turkey, and assemblies of our partner institutions. Boat Tour, International Night, and Traditional Turkish Night which will be held within the scope of social activities will contribute to intercultural learning process, and will give an opportunity to our guests to get to know our country’s natural beauties and our traditions. Our close objectives are; to have been drawn attention to youths' zero proportion of representing themselves in parliaments by decision-makers , Private Sector and NGO representatives at the end of the project , to make the Youth Council work more active and to reduce the average age in the city council at the local level . And in the long term; to ensure the allocation to under the age of 30 at least a slice of 10% in all assemblies of the European Union and in our own parliament . In this way, the ideas of the youth will be taken by the authorities that make decisions on behalf of young people. Both locally and abroad will make the promotion and dissemination activities with the (proceedings of the Parliament reasearch and to the AP submission, the partners themselves councils to offer , etc. ) of our young people will be the voice that we hope decision-makers will reach and thus our young people loaded " FUTURE " mission " present day , our ' mission shall be accompanied by .



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