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Youth in Open Governance Partnership
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

European studies for youth involvement and participation of young people show low involvement or the lack of interest to society process. Involvement is seen weak across the countries. New technologies and methods could be one way to bring more young people society processes and to participate in social organizations.Rõuge Youth council will organize 12th - 17th October 2016 youth seminar "Youth in Open Governance Partnership" in Rõuge, Võrumaa bringing together five countries (Estonia, Turkey, Latvia, Georgia and Malta) young people, a total of 25 young people aged 14-30, and a number of different level, including information technology , decision-makers in Estonia to jointly discuss the means and forms of action about the involvement of young people. All the partners are involved in the local community activities and has experienced the involvement of young people, and also organized international projects related to the topic.During the seminar participants will present the local youth reality in their country, there will be discussions with decision-makers with opportunities and ways of operating, brainstorm about new solutions, as well as the attention and involvement of various methods to enhance the practice of the local community. The project results will be presented at the end of the project in each country.The project will bring new opportunities of the knowledge of how young people can participate in decision-making and actions, how to make decision making process more available and what could be solved through cross-border methods. The impact is young people knowledge awareness about their possibilities, new perspectives and new ideas of young people involvement and new ideas over future applications. The implementation of new solutions will increase youth participation in society.



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