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Date du début: 15 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 14 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Increasing and supporting of active participations for young people at local governing units is our Project of YOUTH IN LOCAL ! ‘s aim. By way of this Project we target creating awareness of youth Works at local government, organising self-improvement programmes are based on democracy and active participations for young people, breaking of stereotypes of public body, transfering best methods and tools of European and organising platform that young people keep together local governing units. For determined targets are achieved during 12 months; -Organising a training course about youth works for local NGO, delegates of public boolies. -Organising a training course is based on participatory democracy, active citizenship to young people who are total 50 local participants. -Organising a fair of NGO and public bodies to introduce into all corporate bodies and public bodies. -Making booklet of youth in local is based on participatory democracy and youth works at local area. -Calling local public opinion polls by holding election of city council, youth and children councils at local area. -Organising international summit meeting: Active partipation of youth in Local Government that based on meeting between young people and decision-makers in the field of youth. -Organising evaluation meeting to take success of activities pulse and determine future steps are planned within the context of this project. We preplan to reach total 50 young people that is 13-18 age range at local area by way project and to reach total 50 young people that is 13-30 age range by way international summit meeting. The underprivileged youth in field of economic, socio-cultural and geographical are our project’s focus group. By way of this project’s activities we target determining new and creative methods for overcoming the problems of youth active participation by the same time decreasing system of hierarchy between decisionmakers and young people is our another target within the context of this project. During 12 months of project duration methodology and all activities will be realized by using non formal learning, experiental learning, participant modelling. After activities of project are completed firstly youth and children councils of Malkara Municipality will start to be active role in local area and be a model by existing within the structure of local governing area to another organisations and institutes. All schools will take the first step to found school clubs that based on individual and collective improvement by showing a new and creative approach to young people from all NGO and public bodies in Malkara, they will form a new youth platform that contain in theirselves.



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